Asprova Leading Production Scheduling Software

Asprova, a Japan top scheduling software maker, announced it is tightening its partnership with Orane Consulting, to take its step advancing to emerging India Industries Automation market. Orane Consulutng has become Asprova’s distributor and system integrator in India.

The target for this framework partnership agreement is to promote Asprova’s Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solution, especially focusing on industries: Auto, High-tech, Garment, Metal fabrication and Discrete manufacturing.

As an exclusive distributor for Asprova products, Orane could add to its plentiful provided solutions from top floor (SAP) to shop floor (Advanced planning and scheduling, MES, Automation) and eventually achieve its aggressive goal as to become the major end-to-end IT System Integrator in India locally, and Asia specifically.

With the addition of Asprova products, ¬†Orane ‘s “Total Solutions from Supply Chain to ERP SAP World down to Manufacturing and Factory Automation level” will include more advanced planning functions and facilities.

About Asprova Corporation –

Asprova Corporation is a top scheduling maker in Japan. Its products have the major share in the industries, with around 1,200 sales worldwide and has been originally developed in Japan, where it has overwhelmingly become the most widely used production scheduler, with a market share of 52.4%. Recently Asprova has expanded its market to India one of the strategies to be the global companies

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