Audit And BPRE

Audit And BPRE

Majority of the CIOs and CFOs have quite often felt that SAP has not been optimally utilized post Implementation to meet up goals and objectives due to numerous reasons such as SAP Service Partner engaged for Implementation, Readiness of In-house team during implementation or rapid changes in Business Need or Changes in Business Climates over a period to conduct business. In Order to derive efficiency from existing landscape or make organization ready to leverage upon additional offering of SAP by upgrading your SAP System, Every Organization would like to take stock of the situation by SAP Audit and Business process Re-engineering.

Key Challenges

Every SAP Customer has following mission critical problems:

  • Your key staff spend more time fixing data or transactional problems than performing their job function
  • You recognize that parts of your organization have SAP competency issues
  • Key business processes that should be executed in your ERP system are being carried out off-system – often in Excel

This results into need of Review or SAP Audit for achieving following three objectives:

  • Processes – Standardization and Improvement of business processes
  • People – Identification of competency gaps and suggested training to improve process understanding
  • Technology – Optimized SAP system configuration, use of complementary technologies

Orane Value Proposition

  • Orane SAP Professionals have background of working with Management Consulting as well as Business Process Audit Organizations.
  • Orane has Senior SAP Professionals with years of experience on proven SAP Consulting Methodology to identify Bottlenecks for Growth as well as efficiencies.
  • Orane provides SAP Audit Professionals to End Customers on Milestone driven engagement or Time & Material Basis.
  • We not only provide the audit and gap analysis report but also help our customers to achieve full business process re-engineering across the business processes.