Delivery Model

Delivery Model 

Our delivery methodology ensures the right mix of resources for your business. Through an SLA-based global delivery model, Orane delivers cost-effective, reliable service with ongoing quality and productivity improvements. Based on your business requirements, we provide the right mix of onsite, near-shore, and offshore resources to meet your business needs. Orane’s Onsite – Offshore engagement model (Hybrid Model) is designed to pass these benefits to clients. This model helps client team and Orane team work closely with each other. In order to obtain the best results, Orane implements a Governance model that:

  • Provides complete transparency on project performance
  • Identifies risks at different stages of offshoring and initiates a risk mitigation plan
  • Builds flexibility to adapt to changing client needs
  • Provides service improvement opportunities by establishing base lines and then measuring against them

We use a phased methodology to transition and assume application management responsibilities, including:

Planning. At the beginning of an engagement, the Orane team members are introduced to key stakeholders in your organization. We validate the engagement scope and confirm your service expectations. In collaboration with you, we develop the project planning artifacts and finalize the transition plan.

Transition. A three-phased, collaborative effort ensures a smooth transition of your application management with no business interruption.

  • Knowledge Transfer>
  • Observation
  • Assisted Support

Steady State. Once transition is complete, Orane assumesresponsibility for all in-scope services defined in the Service Level Agreement. Knowledge management tools help ensure continuous service quality improvement while our offshore team provides “follow-the-sun” support