Digital Media

With Orane’s digital media services, enjoy the next level of learning and content presentation, not just

the way you want it, but also the way that you need it.

Bespoke e-learning solutions

Boost your organizational learning through training solutions tailored just for you

Manage and fulfill your organizational training needs through a plethora of training and learning solutions, offered by Orane, tailored to your specific requirements. From a detailed training needs analysis, to targeted elearning, a collaborative learning ecosystem, or an ongoing employee-based support system, Orane will fulfill your learning need, every step of the way.

SAP-based training solutions

Enhance your SAP competency through our amalgam of SAP and training expertise

Whether it be learning the ropes or kicking in best practices, Orane has both the subject matter expertise in SAP and the educational technology to deliver it in an optimal manner for your SAP team to perform faster and more efficiently by availing our instructor-led, blended, and self-paced learning interventions.

Legacy Website Conversion

Get your websites running on mobile platforms

Harness the power of Internet mobility by getting your Website modified to a Web-responsive HTML 5-based platform that makes your site infinitely more accessible to people on the move, be it on smartphones or tablets, whatever be the platform.

E-magazines for marketing

E-maximize your presence through interactive E-mags

Get your marketing collaterals, brochures, white papers, and other write-ups designed and packaged in a highly suave e-mag format that features image carousels, videos, sliders, and other rich intuitive interactivities for creating the right impact. Increase the reach of your product and service portfolio through such e-mags that can be accessed on any mobile device on-the-go.