Human Capital Management


Orane’s domain expertise offers an unique combination of SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) and Cloud-based HR solutions. We’re a services and solutions organization with a strong global presence and a passion for HCM and all its related aspects. A first in its breed, we offer an array of globally branded HR solutions to choose from in a comprehensive or exclusive package.

Our Core Competency

ORANE designs friendliness, develops enhancements on standard brands, implements and deploys solutions that equip companies with specific knowledge, tools and expertise to ensure their success. We provide SAP HCM and Cloud solutions coupled with implementation and support services.

Results tell the story

We have accumulated valuable experience via domestic and global Public and Private sector projects. The success of these projects is incontrovertible proof that we have the know-how to leverage SAP functionality to great effect within the human resources sphere and resolve cost and data space issues by providing Shared cloud services.

Meeting and exceeding expectations

Indeed, the combination of extensive experience, the finest talent, an outstanding partnership with SAP and Cornerstone On Demand, enables us to deliver solutions that go beyond industry benchmarks.

Our Presence

One of our other strengths is presence of delivery partners on the main continents which helps foster close relationships with our clients. Our strong service ethic, together with a suite of pre-defined templates and productivity tools, enables our clients to achieve a much quicker return on investment, at the same time reducing implementation and system risks.