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SAP BI/BO solutions

With the SAP BusinessObjects BI package, organizations gain insight into business operations at different level. It lets you deliver trusted, actionable information to everyone within and outside organization, using a single, flexible, and unified intelligence platform that integrates with current applications and technology investments. Organizations can empower every individual to increase productivity, performance, and revenues.

How can we empower you?

Dashboards and visualization

We can transform how you view your business by interacting with sophisticated visual representations of processes and performance. Intuitive visualizations give key decision makers the ability to interact with data and test out future business scenarios.

Interactive Analysis

With web intelligence, both self-service access to data and intuitive information analysis are available in one solution. With just a few clicks, users simply interact with existing reports and analyses or use plain business terms and build powerful queries answering ad hoc or spontaneous questions.


Crystal Reports is an intuitive BI solution that helps you create flexible, compelling re-ports with stunning visualizations. Allow report designers to create highly formatted re-ports, connected to virtually any data source, and empower your business users to manipulate data while decreasing the number of reports IT needs to maintain.

Data exploration

Extend the reach of BI to all information workers with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. With immediate insight into a vast amount of data, business users can explore business at the speed of thought and be better equipped to make sound, timely decisions.

Big Data Analytics

With our big data solution you can transact, analyze, and act on insights in the moment. Create new business models and revenue streams with analytics and applications for the real world. And uncover critical business needs and opportunities with our data science services to drive real results.

Event Lifecycle Management

Automatic alerting which makes the user aware of business-critical events such as a late shipment, service level failure or other type of outage, while filtering events so that they are received by those accountable for their resolution.

Smarter Decision Making With Orane

  • Crystal Reports
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Web Intelligence
  • Xcelsius
  • Voyager
  • Dashboard Building
  • Integration
  • Data Federator
  • Metadata Management

SAP BPC Solutions

Orane Consulting is proud to offer you single integrated planning and consolidations software SAP BPC

Sound planning is the foundation of your successful SAP BPC implementation as a solid, custom-designed project map sets the stage for and controls scope, schedule, cost, and quality.

By leading you through our expert planning methodology, we ensure you avoid mountains of project risk and move smoothly into action.  We sit down with you to carefully discuss your data/data sources and understand your current processes, challenges, and goals.  We expertly advise you on options and together determine requirements, outline resources, and establish timelines required to successfully meet your objectives.

In a nutshell, our expert BPC consultants work shoulder to shoulder with you to establish a world-class design document and roadmap that comprehensively outlines and guides everything from start to finish ensuring successful SAP BPC implementation.

Well-Defined Phased Delivery for Superior Control

At Orane, we design and deliver your implementation in distinct, well-defined phases and clearly outline them in your design document for point-to-point project navigation ensuring implementation success.

In a phased approach, functionality is developed, tested and delivered in stages, helping better manage the scope of the project by dividing the implementation into bite sized phases instead of a single, huge, final deliverable

Complete Documentation

Prior to completing your SAP BPC implementation, Orane works with your team to develop comprehensive documentation containing the design and blueprint. The documentation contains the project plan and instructions that help remind end users of the step by step processes to use the system. This documentation provides the ongoing reference as the SAP BPC application development record, users’ manual, and training resource.

Top-quality Consultants to Drive Implementation Success

Our seasoned consultants offer a exceptional ability to precisely fit the most advanced technology to complex client needs.  That’s because we maintain industry-leading focus and experience specialized on the SAP BPC tool.