Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration

A Global Footprint

Drawing on our many years’ experience in manufacturing and retail companies, we have now extended our services to Africa and Asia-Pacific multinational business conglomerates.

Accompanying this expansion is growth in the expertise of our consultants, who are not only SAP specialists, but business professionals in their own right. They are thus uniquely qualified to guide and advise on how to bring the worlds of business and information technology together.

Managing International Payroll

If it’s implementing, integrating, managing or supporting SAP Payroll module, we’ve done it many times, for India as well as ‘Other Countries’.

We have dealt with complex scenarios such as concurrent and international payroll for single company code. We have also worked with SAP standard and non-standard payroll solutions and integrated with external systems as senders and receivers of time data enabling payment in multiple currency conversions.

The Tax Affair

We understand the pain of compliance to Taxation policies that too catering to different norms formulated in different countries in a single payroll period. The legality implied within makes matters more serious where Payroll administrators struggle to avoid lawsuits in employee tax deductions and posting to Finance of the same.

Juggling the same will never be threatening with Orane’s Global payroll solution having success in single companies having presence in fifty odd countries across the globe with a centralized Payroll Administrator.