Suppliers UX

Suppliers UX

What are Supplier Portals?

A Supplier portal is an interactive secure web-based solution that your Suppliers can access 24*7 from anywhere via a secure login.

Our Supplier Portal solution offers a variety of self service solutions:

  • Electronic Invoice Submission.
  • Invoice Status inquiries.
  • Payment inquiries.
  • Payment dispute submission and tracking.
  • Communication regarding Disputes, rebates, refunds, outbound messaging etc.
  • Supplier Administration (applications, renewals, licenses etc)

The highlight of Orane’s Supplier Portal is that we integrate it seamlessly with your SAP system.

Why Supplier Portals?

This solution is ideal for providing better service with more efficiency and lesser costs:

  • Reduce human resource demands. A Supplier portal can be used to answer most payment related inquiries. Entire array of a supplier’s submitted invoices and related information can be seen by logging in to the Supplier portal. This can be a huge benefit for organizations whose number of invoices run into thousands and attending to their inquiries is a costly proposition.
  • Help facilitate collaborative dispute resolution. This helps in timely reconciliation of supply chain related issues and disputes.

Dynamic payment terms with Suppliers.