Talent Management

Talent Management

From Recruiting to Succession

In Talent Management space, we at Orane offer consultative, design and technological deployment services. We specialize in SAP-Talent Management solutions catering full Employee life cycle- from hire to retire.

We provide framework and business process design services which assist customers to formulate business cases develop needs and impact assessments and develop short-term as well as long-term roadmaps.

We perform technological deployments for all SAP Talent Management solutions, including:

  • e-Recruitment
  • Performance Management System
  • Enterprise Compensation Management
  • Career & Succession Planning
  • Training and Development

We provide qualified experts for installation and activation, functional configuration, development on the back-end and portal, end-user role configuration, project management, change management and systems-training.

The experience of Orane in the full range of SAP HCM applications, including Employee Master Data Management, Time Management and Payroll allows us to provide our customers with valuable insights and techniques about intra-HCM process and data model integration.

Our goal is to provide customers with strategic, tactical and technological advice during all stages of their Talent Management road maps which helps them.

Enterprise Compensation Management


An enterprise compensation management module is crucial for working in a changing business environment and compensating employees based upon dynamic performance. The SAP ECM solution provides a complete solution for enterprise compensation management, budget handling, compensation administration, long-term incentives, job pricing and manger reporting.

The following functionalities are available in ECM


With SAP ERP ECM our compensation specialists can create budget structures for basic salary increases, performance bonuses, salary restructuring and long-term incentives (LTIs). Thereafter we can allocate the budget pool of money (or the number of awards in the case of LTIs) to the different budget units in your company.

Compensation specialists can automatically generate budget structures that are representative of their organizational structure. When required, these budgets can be changed manually. Line managers can view these compensation budgets whilst planning and executing their employees’ performance awards. As the line managers make changes to the system, SAP ERP ECM increments the spent value of the budget against the original distributed budget. This ensures that managers follow budget policy and allows you to monitor compliance.

The controlling unit of an organization usually manages compensation budgets. You can obtain planned HR expenses by using the Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation tool in SAP ECM. Because compensation budgeting and personnel cost planning and simulation are integrated, SAP ECM can automatically generate compensation budgets with data used directly from the respective cost items defined in the forecasts of HR expenses. Implementing this functionality saves valuable time and effort in creating compensation budgets. It also allows for detailed, bottom-up budgeting in addition to traditional top down budgeting.


  • Compensation Administration
  • The Compensation Plan Structure
  • The Back-End Flow of the Compensation Process
  • Compensation Planning for Front-End User Processes
  • Long-Term Incentives
  • Compensation Statement
  • Reporting Functionalities


Enterprise Compensation Management delivers the following advantages:

  • Real-time, Exact and reliable information availability for decision making
  • Strategic human resource management and support for your overall enterprise strategy
  • Integration with all vital SAP components inside and outside SAP ERP HCM, ensuring communication with all parties involved and full support of the entire enterprise compensation management process
  • Manager reporting functionalities through standard reports, extensive SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence reports and ad hoc query functionalities
  • Flexible customizing can be done to meet your business specific needs.