Time Management

Time Management

In business there is a direct link between success and time management. When you manage and control time well you lay the foundation for your enterprise to thrive and flourish in a disciplined manner.

Time Centre

The Orane Time Centre specializes in the delivery and support of time evaluation and attendance/ absence management systems. Our company is one of the global leading Time Management implementation service providers and our expertise covers Positive and Negative Time Management, Leave Administration, Shift Planning, CATS, Time Manager’s Work place, ESS/MSS Portal.

Custom Developments

We develop web-based interfaces that cater for your specific operational needs without compromising data integrity, confidentiality and SAP standard functionality like Interface for medical leaves approved by In-house doctors or hospitals.

Integration with Time Industry champions

Our solution seamlessly integrates with time tested industry specific attendance capture tools like Sabre for Crew data in the Airlines Industry.