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Business Insights into SAP Analytics Cloud


The organization has made many improvements in collecting and storing their data from any department like marketing, finance, account, etc but each data is provided in bits and pieces which makes it difficult for any IT team to analyze it or even use that data efficiently. SAP Analytics Cloud is the strategic analytics platform for all core SAP business applications. It is a SAAS-based analytics tool designed by SAP & is a part of the SAP HANA framework. The main intent of the SAP analytics tool is to provide all kinds of analytics capabilities to the end-user or even for all users under one roof. It is formerly known as BusinessObject for Cloud. The analytics feature in SAP tools depends on data, algorithms, programming, etc to fetch the data and then turn out into meaningful insights later used by enterprises in decision making.

Features of SAP Analytics cloud:

1. Gain into predictive Analytics: Predictive Analytics uses multiple techniques like machine learning, data processing, AI to predict the likelihood of the future and help in decision making. A tool full potential in making real time results and analytics.

2. Access to on premises and cloud data: Since the tool or framework is connected to all other applications of SAP hence being the user you can get access to all data like of SAP HANA and non-SAP tool through Cloud data.

3. Creation and Modification of tool: The tool provide you access to things like data driven budgeting, prediction from the tool, and cloud interface. User can easily identify and even can modify the framework.

4. Embedded Analytics: SAP Analytics cloud provides embedded analytic to users as in it provide various analysis to user like Ad-hoc theory, what-if analysis Ad hoc reporting, etc. It also provides real time support to user all around. It helps in last minute decision making.

Some key points from SAP Analytics cloud:

Analyze and plan to act faster to improve the sustainability with SAP Analytics cloud solution: – Make Confident decision based on insights and sustainability related data with augmented analytic and enterprise planning management – Use the power of machine learning, and artificial intelligence to make informed decisions. – Leverage real-time data and analytics and gate the past, present, and future business needs and requirements. – Gain a real and transparent view of your organization’s compliance, regulations, emissions, and waste reduction across the whole company.

How SAP Business Analytics can work for you

• Fast Analytic and better visualize decision making
• Easy to use, not only for end user but for every user
• Faster ROI by utilizing the tool as desired and as per your organization and lower CTO
• Personalized dashboards and easy data mining
• Smart dashboard, you can easily combine your visualization and various dashboard into one
• Data security and Data handling is safe and trusted

How Orane SAP Analytics services can help you:

Orane has an end-to-end offering ranging from Business Analytics roadmap definition, over implementing the Analytics roadmap, building the Analytics organization, defining or re-fining Analytics processes, and delivering Analytics training and coaching or supporting you through a post-go live ServiceDesk. Orane empowers people throughout the organization to answer questions of their data, large or small, in real-time. The more questions they ask, the more value they extract from the data, leading to smarter business decisions every day. Orane will help you to have one interface for all your data, regardless of where that data is stored.

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