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How Digital Signature within SAP can Guarantee ROI


It is the time when an organization is transforming its processes, especially manual repetitive processes, or tasks through digital transformation. One of the major, repetitive processes is to SIGN hundreds of documents manually. Imagine a CFO or Purchase Manager signing hundreds of copies manually daily, isn’t it scary, yes, it is in today’s era where time is said to be more important than money.

It is often said when you digitalize or automate the repetitive process of your organization, it directly boosts up your business by saving cost and time and it also increases the productivity of employees since now they get more time to regenerate themselves and boost themselves.

Apart from the time wasted in the signing process of the document, there are a lot of other issues that arise with respect to data integrity, duplicate signatures, security issues, and lack of visibility of the document signature lifecycle. But through Digital Signature these can be avoided.

Why Organization must opt for Digital Signature within SAP

Digital Signature now has become a must-have for organizations that want to accelerate their business processes and optimize their operating cost.

1. Digital Signatures are secure and safe: Digital signatures are secure since they work on public-key cryptography infrastructure providing extremely high-level security and thus, making it difficult to duplicate. Digital Signature is a mathematical code that authenticates the document from the sender and ensures the document remains unaltered on reaching the recipient, it is the simplest way to secure and move your workplace signing process digital.

2. Cost Saving: No doubt the implementation of Digital Signature within SAP might have some cost but in long run, you will see yourself saving huge money that even you invested in opting it. You can directly see a downfall in your operational and administrative costs like printing, delivery, or shipping fee. A single document may need multipurpose approval and signing and multiple copies on each document, as the volume is high it may incur a lot of administrative costs but opting for Digital Signature within SAP automates things like bulk signing, bulk mailings, and easy access to signed and unsigned documents.

4. Workflow efficiencies: With lesser delays and effective process the digital signature within SAP provide better efficiencies in workflow. Managing and tracking documents has become an easy process now and the task that may take many days is now completed in a few hours without any hustle. They also make a process an easy way to store information and can be utilized anytime since there are no files or documents that we need to store inboxes. The process or workflow use SAP interactive forms by Adobe which are PDF-based & can easily be customized depending upon the need of the organization and business.

How EasySign (Digital Signature Solution within SAP) can help to drive top and bottom line through automation in the signing process.

With EasySign (Digital Signature), you can automate the process of Sale Invoices, Purchase orders, credit notes, debit notes, form16, Delivery Challans, HR forms such as offer letters, and other organizational documents that can be digitalized with a click of a button and can be stored and secure on-premises or on cloud SAP environment. This enables enterprises to optimize their processes and streamline the workflow.

Some of the key benefits of opting EasySign can be:

– It can Save up to 50- 60 % on Document handling and storing cost
– Get @X ROI on e-signing the sales invoices, purchase orders, debit or credit notes through EasySign for SAP
– Reduce the signing process of documents from 1 to 2 days to 1 hour
– Upgrade to better user experience and enhance productivity
– Integrate seamlessly with any inhouse Document management system
– Quite flexible since it uses SAP interactive forms by Adobe

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