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How to turn new hires into lasting Employees


Employees are the lifeline of any business and every business nurture their lifeline to extract maximum results. Everyone is new at some point; from the first-day agitation to the wave of panic that comes with the making of the first mistake, starting a new job can be a little daunting. Until one day when you find yourself managing a different project, beaming with productivity. But how and when your new hire becomes your everlasting star employee?

After effective recruitment and selection, one of the important ways to prove the effectiveness of their talent management is to purpose a strategic use of onboarding. Onboarding is the process of helping new hires to adjust to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly. Employees are 58% more likely to be with the company for at least 3 years if they went through an onboarding plan.

1. Treat them as a part of an organization, even before they have joined –

A new hire has accepted to join the organization, they have made a certain level of commitment to themselves and the organization. Although there is uncertainty about whether a candidate will join or not, the best practice is to make every possible way that the candidate should join and be a loyal and everlasting employee some simple strategies like getting calls from buddies, emails, connecting on social media wow the candidate. Share the number of mentors and buddies so that chances of communication increase.

2. 30-60-90 days plan –

Mentors should create a plan for new hire along with HR & buddies to analyze their productivity, capabilities, and interests. Studies show that 22% of retention happens in the first 45days due to a bad and unorganized onboarding process. New employees who went through a structured onboarding program were 58% more likely to be with the organization after three years.

3. Niche training & Micro-Learning –

Now when new hires are trained for their specific roles in the organization during onboarding. It’s time for them to get their niche training like marketing professionals will have specific training for content platforms they will use. Microlearning is very useful for the new hire as they can watch engaging videos, content regarding their role & organization. 44% of employees feel that they don’t get proper training while 61% of companies don’t see any career advancement path for their employees.

4. Mentor & Coaches –

For a new hire, it is like a boon to have a mentor or a coach. They can easily ask their queries, suggestions, problems directly to their Mentors. Moreover, it helps them to get rid of the anxiety and stress of being in a new place alone. The organization should try to wow new hires to give them personalized welcome so that they can be turned out to be long-lasting employees.

5. Employee Development Plan –

Employee Development Plans are the are action plans, documents lined up for new hires and line managers. They ensure that employee is growing personally, developing their ability to achieve more in the workplace, and meet organizational goals. Considering the potential of a new hire, creating a plan, meetings with stakeholders, daily tasks, etc all are included in the employee development plan.

6. Buddy Program –

A buddy program is a great way to accelerate the new employee’s ability to deal with a new changing environment. Buddy is different from a mentor, coach, or manager. This relationship is less formal with a core purpose being engagement. 87% of employees say that the buddy program improves new hires’ proficiency. Buddy program can also help an organization to take up feedbacks and surveys to improve.

8. Cultural Assimilation –

Cultural assimilation is about the way people behave, talk to each other, and work in the office. It is about how the new hire gets integrated into the organization’s culture, like, office culture or even how colleagues address each other. According to recent research, it is seen that new hires are more concerned about culture-related issues during Onboarding and only 39% of companies offer company cultural training as part of their onboarding process. Cultural assimilation helps new hires feel like insiders even before they joined the organization.

How MyJoining can help?

MyJoining is an HR Automation platform that creates a comprehensive employee experience for the new hire, from the time of acceptance of the offer letter to the end of the onboarding phase. It considers all different aspects of employee onboarding and focuses on the following KPIs to help HR
Leaders get the best out of their time, efforts and personnel. The KPIs are:

1) Cost of Onboarding an employee
2) Employee Productivity
3) Employee Experience
4) No-show rate
5) Employee Retention
6) Employer Branding

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