Orane’s solutions for the automotive industry to optimize, automate and perform.

Orane’s Products and Services for the Automotive Industry

Our Expertise

Markets for this industry are increasing by the day with the population boom experienced in most regions. It is crucial to have end-to-end mechanisms, a resourceful ERP and the proper resources to manage all these resources and optimize business processes. Orane, with its extensive experience of working in the automotive vertical, aims to create value for its clients and ensure satisfactory ROI. Our comprehensive understanding of OEM, Procure-To-Pay and other services such as Material Code Generation help us automate your business processes and save tremendous amounts of time and money.

What we do

Our solutions for the automotive industries and our knowledge of how the industry works enables us to create customizable solutions that are customer-centric.

Procurement Management (OEM):

Original Equipment Manufacturers Management to manage all aspects of procurement.

Distribution Management (Supplier)

Manage your distribution channels and use powerful analytics to maximize profits.


Includes automation of vendor registration with vendor code and easy generation of purchase orders by the day

SAP Implementation

Our expertise in SAP Implementation and comprehensive know-how of the automotive industry to attain powerful deployment.

Product Development

Development of customized applications based on powerful Java technology stack to deliver tailor-made solutions.

Vendor Lifecycle Management

Portal to register vendors and manage them on a daily basis and automation of inventory management.

Case Studies

Case Study: TEXSPIN Bearings and Automotive Systems

TEXSPIN Bearings and Automotive Systems

“Established in 1961, today TEXSPIN® is one of the major contributors to the automotive industry which has carved out a niche for itself as a provider of unmatched innovative solutions and products to the automotive industry.”

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