Corporate Social Responsibility

Orane fully realizes its responsibility to give back to society and has set up various CSR endeavors to be a responsible corporate organization. As a part of our CSR initiative, we have rolled out multiple initiatives to contribute towards the society. Some of the initiatives that are very close to us are

SOS Children’s Village

We are consistently trying to change the lives of many children. Orane has joined hands with SOS Children’s Village, an NGO, which works for the upliftment of poor and needy children. Orane has adopted multiple children from SOS and is donating for their education and upbringing. Our employees regularly make sizeable donations annually for the education and livelihood for our future torchbearers of this country.

SOS Children’s Village: Educating and Raising Children

Plant a Tree

Orane Plant a Tree Initiative

Rather can complaining about the rising heat, lack of rains, increasing pollution level, Orane took the responsibility on themselves to plant trees across the year. Not only we took the initiative on the #worldenvironmentday2018 but also did a #greendesk to put small tabletop plants across every desk

Feed the street children

India has millions of street children who are undernourished and go without proper meals. Children are the future of our societies and at Orane we strongly believe that the future of the country can’t go malnutritioned. Every Saturday team Orane organizes lunch for the street children around our office. The number of children attending this Saturday feast has grown tremendously over the months and so is their smiles and our smiles.

Orane’s Weekly Feed The Street Children Inititative