What is EasySign

With the digital signature, the SAP system provides you with a tool to sign and approve digital documents. Applications include Form 16, Pay Slip, Customer Invoice, Purchase Order, Sales Invoice & Delivery Challan, Quality Inspection Report, Contracts, Increment and Promotion letters, Candidate offer and Appointment letters and HR Forms. The digital signature ensures that the signatory of a digital document can be identified unambiguously and his or her name is documented together with the signed document, the date, and the time.

More than 80% of interviewed decision makers noted a clear or pressing need for Digital Signature Automation solution.
98% of companies reported revenue impact from poor transaction management.
37% of companies estimating revenue loss to be 11% to 25%

What We Offer

EasySign offers a gamut of features that helps organization fast track documents in an organization.

Bulk Digital Signing Automation

Bulk Digital Signing Automation

A streamlined approval workflow allows for bulk digital signing and printing automation freeing critical resources and time.

Flexible approval workflows

Flexible approval workflows

SAP Users may be altered in the digital signature process but the documents workflow and routing does remain unchanged in SAP.

Ease of Use

SAP Users are provided with a user-friendly interface and using the solution is very intuitive and straightforward.

Individual or Bulk Document Processing

Individual or Bulk Document Processing

Secure and user-friendly solution with authenticated signature from central PFX file or a laptop USB dongle key.

Why EasySign

EasySign provides your organization with benefits that help you run and verify your documents in a faster and more efficient way.

Reduced time and paperwork

EasySign reduces the time and paperwork required as it eliminates the need for hard-copies and digitizes the document workflow in the organization.

Verifiable and time stamped

Time stamped signatures with public key help us validate the authenticity of the sign and prevents duplication of purchase orders and other documents.

Tamper-resistant & easily exportable

Every signature is unique, documentable, encrypted and tamper-evident. All documents are output in Adobe PDF format..

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

PDF-based print forms are part of the SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe solution and are used for printing in SAP systems. Customize form templates and reduce hoax.

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Authenticate all relevant forms (Customer Invoices, Purchase Order, Form 16) with Orane’s Digital Signature. It ensures that businesses save on cost and time with documents and contracts signed off with a click of a button. It’s the fastest and most secure way of moving important documents in your organization.

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