Engineering, Construction & Operations (EC&O)

Orane’s optimizations for EC&O to systems and projects

Orane’s Products and Services for the EC&O Industry

Our Expertise

The Engineering, Construction & Operations industryremains one of the most complex industries with payroll, materials, timelines, distribution, inventory and machinery all being managed simultaneously. Orane’s experience in managing large-scale projects, maintaining standardized data entries, Human Capital Management Expertise enables us to create an environment wherein EC&O companies can thrive. We optimize operations, increase expense visibility, provide integrations and align resources with the right skill-sets to make your business the ‘best-run-business’.

What we do

Our services are targeted to ensure overall process-improvement and ROI by providing an amalgamation of best-practices in industry and cutting-edge technologies.

Business Development

Help the EC&O Industry develop business through Portal Services and other BPRE offerings.

Procurement Management

Manage and automate procurement life-cycle and keep a track of all materials through system-generated QR Code.

Business Analytics

Make smarter business decisions through data-driven analytics in real-time using our advanced in-memory technologies.

HCM Services

Improve employer branding, reduce paperwork and streamline HR in your organization to enhance employee productivity.

Case Studies

Case Study: SAP Analytics Brochure for EC&O

SAP Analytics Brochure For EC&O

“Take a deep dive into Orane’s Analytics capabilities and experience the true power of data-driven enhanced decision-making.”

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