Migration & Upgrades

Migration: Market conditions are transient and can change at any time. Data is king and is generated in humongous volumes every day. Businesses can capitalize on this data-opportunity by analysing this data and using it to make good business decisions. SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance) provides organizations with great power to perform real-time analysis on data. SAP HANA may be of great utility, but migrating to it is not easy. A staggering number of organizations still operate on databases such as IBM DB2, Sybase and other older databases and migrating this data to SAP HANA is a huge challenge. Orane, with its expertise in this domain, provides seamless migration to SAP HANA. We also help organizations to migrate to a secure cloud environment to enable them to do more with less!

Upgrades: In today’s ever-changing business climate, it is pivotal for organizations to be up-to speed with the latest technologies that provide quick, easy and relevant access to any amount of data. The SAP Environment needs to be checked and upgraded in sync with the latest trends in the industry. Version upgrades for SAP can help organizations to enhance performance, improvise on business processes and be competitive in a market that is as competitive as ever. An SAP upgrade, when carried out with the right strategy by the right experts, can yield huge benefits for any business.


Our migration capabilities include the following parts that can help organizations improve on their business processes.

Database Migration

Migration to SAP HANA provides countless opportunities for organizations. Our expertise ensures a seamless transition of your DB Environment.

Functional Migration

Our expertise in integrations with ERP and third-party software gives you wings and ensures that you are extracting maximum value from SAP.

Platform Migration

Switching to a cloud can avail great benefits for organizations, but it is a tough process. We facilitate an easy switch to cloud from your internal legacy environment.


Given the volatility of Information Technology, an upgrade is a necessity as well as a facilitator for stability in an IT Environment. Orane provides a comprehensive strategy for carrying out SAP Upgrades by a thorough audit, implementation, testing, go-live and stabilization of your SAP Upgrades. Through our cast experience and appreciation for best IT and business practice, our consultants thrive to provide an upgrade tailor-made for your organization’s needs. Your goals of a scalable business model, transformational business process and enhanced decision making are all achieved. We aim to build long and sustainable relationships with our clients.

Specialization in SAP HANA and SAP ECC

Why Orane’s migration & upgrade services

Orane appreciates the intent behind switching to a newer technology and provides you with all the expertise you need for migration and upgrades.

Continuous Support

Continuous Support

Our consultants provide their expertise at all stages of the upgrade: planning, execution, go-live and stabilisation.

Attention to delivery

Attention to delivery

Meticulous process management, quality management, risk management to provide maximum value with upgrade.

Upgrade Experience

Upgrade Experience

Our migration and upgrade experience across various verticals enables us to adapt to your needs better.

Minimal Downtime

Minimal Downtime

Our understanding of processes and landscape allows us to perform migrations and upgrades with minimal downtime to business.

Benefits to the business:

  • Orane Logo Sign Businesses can take full advantage of the speed, transaction processing and reporting speed native to migrated platforms. Businesses get enhanced performance with the ability to process real-time customer data.
  • Orane Logo Sign The agility offered by the newer technology platforms allows businesses to create simplified user experiences. The organizations are able to derive insights from the real-time data for business decision making.
  • Orane Logo Sign The upgraded platforms allow integration to newer platforms offering consolidation of data across one place. This coupled with our expertise in third-party integrations makes the jobs easier for you.
  • Orane Logo Sign We provide timely delivery of SAP Upgrades and ensure that your organization starts achieving ROI at the earliest.
  • Orane Logo Sign A thorough audit is carried out to analyze your expectations from the upgrade and map your business processes into the SAP HANA/ version upgrade.
  • Orane Logo Sign Continuous support for all businesses irrespective of size and distribution of its units. Off-site and on-site support available in multiple languages.
Benefits of Migration and Upgrades Services

Case Studies

SAP Analytics Brochure: Orane

Orane Migration and Upgrades Capabilities

“Download our Brochure and uncover how Orane utilizes SAP HANA and SAP Version Upgrades to provide services such as Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse design and development, Data Visualization, real-time analytics and SAP BW Migration on HANA amongst other services.”

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