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Simplify your Enterprise Application Management Process


In today’s, digital era and competitive world, every industry is focusing on making work easy, fast, and digital. The enterprises have already one or another ERP implemented into their organization to streamline their internal and external processes. Implementing or opting for any ERP system is the first step in maintaining a seamless process but every digital technology also produces maintenance, enhancements, and much more so an organization needs to have a stable process for sap either it can be internal which is complicated or tie-up with external or outsource the maintenance process for smooth flow. The outsourcing maintenance process helps an organization understand the process and its workflow. The expertise helps you to understand the usage, flow, advantages, and other useful things regarding the digital framework.
The service includes an understanding of the process, methodology to maintain, improve, and manage critical environments, integration, testing, and control of everything that comes under the process of ERP say SAP landscape. It helps us to take control of the SAP environment and start working as per enterprise processes and needs. But the challenge is to find the right partner who can help you to move towards an accessible next-generation enterprise application or managed service framework with expertise and domain knowledge.

Here are some of the facts to consider while choosing your AMS partner:

• Stellar services pre-and post-implementation: The goal should be to be continuous support that can be 24*7 even onshore or offshore.
• User-friendly interface and dashboards: The interface should be simple and user-friendly. It should be easily accessible and understood.
• Innovative and domain expert: Innovation is the next step in digital transformation, if you are managing the process, you should be innovative enough to understand and upskill the process.
• Flexible with on-demand and shared services: The working model should be flexible you can take along your partner in every need and service required.

Let’s take a look at what Rise with SAP is:

SAP announced its new variant known as Rise with SAP. It is not a new product, but a collaboration of various frameworks offered by SAP to its audience. Rise with SAP is a successful and sustainable cloud offering offered by SAP to its customers. Rise with SAP provides its customers with intelligent, agile, and innovative business services that help them reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO). They can utilize the RISE framework along with their existing tools resulting in an easy and customized and adjustable process.

Rise With SAP helps you to renovate, reinvent and reform your business according to your preferences and timelines and at your convenience. No matter where you are and where you want your business to be, SAP experts will help you to reunite your business by offering things under one roof that are relevant to your business suite.

Let’s go through some quick feature lists we can obtain from Rise with SAP:

• SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Business Optimization: Rise with SAP offers you one solution that is completely cloud-based and hence better functionalities than on-premises or any other solution.
• Choose the SAP Business Process Automation & Intelligence process: The digitalization and intelligence you used in your current business process help you to understand your SAP ecosystem better and guide you to the best practices suited for your industry and business.
• Access to integration tools and services: Rise with SAP offers various tools and frameworks in its bundle of services with can be used with organization’s current tools to attain better results.

Let’s check what benefits businesses can level up with Rise with SAP (CLOUD):

1. Eliminate poor quality data: once you start with the process of master data management, it helps you to refine your data and improve the quality of data for analysis and repository purposes. It also assists you in refining your decision-making process and managing the data on top. Also, with the help of data management, decision-makers will view the top and the user data. It also helps to omit duplicate data.

The Business Benefits of Masterdata Management:

1. Improve your growth engine: Yes, you heard it correctly. You can boost your business growth and development with the help of Rise with SAP. You can manage your top-level priorities, which end up giving better growth and results, just like managing strategy based on insights and analytics. The segmentation of work helps you to understand your business better. The digitized process helps you to plan and guide towards your goals in a dynamic business environment. In today’s secenerio if any organization or enterprise wants to revamp its structure; the first and foremost thing is that they need to restructure its IT landscape and which can be simplified by choosing an optimal partner.
2. Process Transformation: Rise with SAP is not a new set of products but a bundle of existing frameworks. Regardless of the size of the company or level of digital transformation, they can redesign their process with Rising in SAP. One License: Rise with SAP helps you to eliminate all the different processes and hence compile all the tools required in a bundle into a single bundle, resulting in one contract and a single license. It also allows the customer to be more agile and also helps with cost-saving. The process helps you to understand and create an ecosystem where customized solutions can enhance your business process.
3. Lower the value of TCO: Sooner or later, it is observed that within 5 years of transformation, you can see a reduction in your total cost of ownership since the process has been revamped, as now you can use multiple tools under one roof or bundle with a single contract or license. SAP also says that the TCO of many organizations is always at an increasing level because the analytics and tracking of expenses are missing. As businesses migrate to the digital space and, more importantly, cloud services, expenses may rise initially, but once the ecosystem is in place, costs will begin to fall. It is also observed that many organizations are not able to drive the exact value of their processes and usage, hence incurring losses, so proper guidance along with analytics is needed for understanding TCO.
4. Improve Service Experience: With the help of Rise with SAP, you can improve the service experience with cloud benefits such as easy migration process, low cost, data saving, leverage of better tools and services, improved infrastructure, simpler support models, easy contract or license process, regular updates, and maintenance checks. With the rise of SAP, a single party offers you all the work wherever required for all multiple service providers. SAP S/4 HANA in Rise with SAP provides regular updates and changes that can make your system more efficient. This also helps enterprises to stay updated with all the latest trends in the market and uses the framework in a fully efficient manner.
5. The Business Intelligence and Business Automation Process: Becoming an intelligent enterprise is the goal of every enterprise today. Rise with SAP is one such great service offering by SAP which is cost-effective and helps to sum up your organization process easily. It is a solution that provides you with a bundle of things like HANA cloud, business process automation, embedded analytics, Artificial Intelligence, analytics, and much more as per the needs of the organization. Business automation processes help enterprises to eliminate their repetitive process and makes them stay ahead in the journey of digital transformation. Enterprises operating with old ERP premises solutions face a lot of challenges like the complexity of the process, delayed migration & updates, and poor management at the macro and micro levels. But this can be resolved by adopting cloud solutions from an expert. So, ultimately, business intelligence and process automation help you to redesign your process in an automated, digital, and cost-effective manner.

Building a Future-Ready Enterprise with Orane Expertise:

With over 12 years of experience in SAP and digital transformation, Orane has worked in various industries across the globe. After understanding deep knowledge about various industries and their best practices and use cases, Orane offers a unique journey to every enterprise and helps them build a future-ready digital enterprise.

Offerings that make Orane stand apart:

• Consulting Services: Orane has around 300+ consultants around the globe who cater to various industries. We can advise and consult you on your current landscape, and how you can make the best ecosystem with fully utilized resources as per your business requirement, budgets, and need.
• Implementation services: By collaborating with orane, you get a chance to come across and explore various sets of services from SAP implementation to add-on services, analytics, and much more which can directly help you accelerate your journey of digital transformation. Get the best within one time.
• Enterprise Application Management Process: Orane has an enterprise AMS solution that can accelerate your enterprise process efficiently. It helps you to strategies your business as per your terms and conditions with revenue as an ultimate goal.

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