What is Student LifeCycle

Orane’s Student Lifecycle Management ERP is a web-based School Management System that enables the school to use and operate many of integrated interrelated modules and manage the administration of school effectively. Not having a common platform to view, manage, update data and carry out transactions incurs humongous administrative costs for institutions. Students, teachers, school administration and parents are often overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork at their disposal.

We have created a centralized platform that automates various scheduling activities of a school and optimizes the use of premium resources.Student Lifecycle Management is accurate and reliable and can be conveniently accessed from school intranet as well as from the public internet. It is fully browser-based school management system which also includes virtual campus which can be linked with school portal and contains powerful online access to bring parents, teachers and students on a common interactive platform.

Why Student Lifecycle Management

Student Lifecycle Management gives you the edge you need to optimally utilize all resources at an institution. It gives both functional and technical assistance to all users and actors in an institution and compartmentalizes all functions that have to be performed in a school.

Decrease Operational Costs

Eliminates the need for manual entries and creates a virtual school that keeps in-tact with all values of a traditional school.

Digitization of the work processes

All operations are streamlined and automated and the need for paperwork is reduced to a bare minimum. All data is stored securely.

Scalable and Fast

Our system allows clients to scale operations to any number of branches and locations. Fast deployment time using Agile Delivery Methodology.

Centralized Control

Manage entire operations through a centralized system. Organizations no longer need resources for managing finance, learning, administration and attendance.


The administration of a school or college is responsible for the successful execution of various tasks such as admission, staffing and their payroll, fee management, notices and circulars, library management, transport management, biometric record maintenance and front office jobs.
Here is how Student Lifecycle Management automates administration for your institution. All administrative tasks can be compartmentalized, streamlined and managed with ease.

Staff and Payroll

Staff recruitment, record keeping, assigning subjects

Inventory Management

Keep a thorough record of your inventory and manage goods that are required to keep a school operational.

Financial Management

Generate financial reports based on all aspects of a school and gain insights through our analytics tool.


Send out circulars and notices, manage transport and library and get all features you need to get hands-on control of your institution.

Functional Automation

Prove functional assistance to all users in an institution. Help students, parents and teachers to perform critical tasks on time and facilitate ease of communication throughout the organization. Provide students and teachers with cutting-edge to perform better and manage attendance and help parents to complete all tasks effectively.

Time-table management

Exert greater control over your time table and get all tools you need to optimize performance and attendance.

Transaction Management

All transactions are managed on a single portal with data of all financial transactions by students, parents and teachers being mapped right into accounts.

Examination Management

Manage and disseminate information about examinations, generate score-cards and also improve student performance by creating customized material.

Analytics & Reporting

Generate reports on the basis of expenditure, staff-size, performance, grade, year and also get budgeting assistance.

Student Lifecycle Management Modules

Student Lifecycle Management categorizes the product into various modules that cover every function that is performed in a school environment. It creates a virtual school that is reliable and accurate when it comes to successful completion of all tasks.


Automates all operational functions like fees, attendance and exam management etc.Manage photo gallery, news, notice-boards, event, holidays and social media portals. Gain visibility into daily operations and keep a track of all critical parameters that have an impact on the functioning of a school.


Manage your classes by time-table and lessons. Gain complete control of examinations and grades/results. Keep a track of activities to be performed on a daily basis. Convenient messaging system is present to facilitate communication and integration to payroll helps teachers maintain an accurate record of remuneration.


Powerful dashboard that gives you access to notices, attendance, and latest events. Simple access to all report cards / score cards enables institutions easy access to data. All data is stored on secure cloud.Our portal also allows you to interact with other students and teachers.


Know about status of fees submission and other important dates and keep a track of your ward’s progress. Keep in touch with school bodies / parents through internal messaging and give feedback to the institution to raise your concerns and clear your doubts.


Keep a track of number of students, teacher and non-teaching staff and institution management. Perform resource-budget allocation and perform data analysis on earnings. Make use of our powerful analytics tool to enhance performance and earnings by optimally utilizing the resources at your disposal.

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