At Orane, your commitment, as an individual, matters. We are an equivalent open-door manager that backs and empowers an employee and your development matters to us just as much as results do. Orane is a dynamic organization and a key player in the delivery of business solutions based on cutting-edge technologies. We expect each individual from the Orane family to be a dynamic member in our adventure and for them to rise to prominence with their innovation.


Countless opportunities and continous growth to help you to pave your way to a successful career


Opportunity to work on live projects,frequent engagement activities, and eccentric work environment.


We enable employees for success by constantly helping them to enhance their skills and grow.


Various forums for addressing the problems of employees and other provisions such as paid leaves

Life at Orane

At Orane, We hire people with exceptional talent and endless ambition, each with a unique background, education and set of experiences. We come together with a “TEAM” spirit. Our teams are the driving force propelling us to scale new heights. Our strength lies in our people who are deeply passionate about delivering successful results. We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset.

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Learning & Development

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Orane Environment

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Employee Benefits

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Why Orane?

Orane is a great place to work at, irrespective of your domain of work or your experience in the corporate sector. We provide an agglomeration of quality work experiences that help employees grow and enhance their skill sets.

You’ll go as far as your ideas do: We assure you can shape and steer your career, beyond big corporate hierarchy, solely on the basis of your passion, talent and ideas

The learning never ends: Whether you’re high up the career ladder or just starting out, the learning goes on at Orane. Think of it as a great opportunity to go back to school.

You’ll learn to think like an entrepreneur: You learn to identify pressing problems around us all and work in your area of expertise to develop solutions that can change the world.

You’ll work with a diverse team: Orane is an inclusive workplace that’s a melting pot for cultures and ideas. With so much diversity, your work and your life will both be enriched.

You’ll discover how to make work fun: Orane is a platform where you can get hands-on experience with the latest technologies and engage with peers to make work fun.

You’ll work with new technologies, while they’re still new: We believe in staying ahead of the game and helping our clients do the same as well by the means of cutting-edge tools.

Employee Testimonials

Learning & Development

Orane follows robust processes for Talent Management, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Employee Health and Wellness. Orane has successfully implemented processes on competency mapping, individual and career development plan, compensation and benefit benchmarking, Performance & KPI automation and employee reward and recognition to leverage latent capabilities of its human resources.

Orane believes in continuous learning culture. The Training and Development programs are intensive, focused, educative and practical. Orane’s human resource development program consists of:

  • Functional Training
  • Behavioural Training
  • Coaching & Mentoring
Learning and Development Opportunities at Orane

Orane Environment

Take a sneek-peek into the Environment and Culture at Our Organization.

Employee Benefits

Over and above an exciting career, growth and a great experience, Orane also ensures its members are well taken care of. Orane offers excellent benefits comparable to those offered in the industry.