Implementation & Rollout

Implementing SAP initiative on an enterprise wide basis requires extensive business process knowledge, in-depth integrated & innovative strategies combined with talent base across multiple locations. Lack of clarity around structure, activities, roles and responsibilities can resultinconfusion and resistance, making project execution extremely difficult.

Orane can help you address the complete, end-to-end application life cycle from the up-front design, build and implementation of applications through ongoing management and application evolution that is closely aligned with your business objectives. We provide a platform to enable Cost Savings & Efficiency through efficient solution design that allows flexibility & scalability for future needs.

Orane’s SAP Practice is made up of experienced SAP professionals who have successfully delivered various solutions to several medium & large customers in India and globally. Our post-implementation Application Management Services help us manage your SAP landscape to ensure that you attain all your business objectives.

Orane’s Roadmap To A Successful SAP Implementation

Implementation Portfolio

Orane has expertise in successfully implementing the following SAP products and technologies

SAP Business Objects
SAP Business BPC

Why Orane's Implementation Services

While the success of our client implementations speaks for itself, here are some reasons why they chose us?

Faster implementation

Faster rollout assisted by global presence and by using reusable components, tools, guidelines and proven methodology.

Reduced TCO

Through our mix of on-site and off-site resource delivery, we cut down on costs incurred in implementation as well as rollouts.

Best Practices

Combination of industry best practices, functional and technical domain knowledge results in best practices getting implemented.

Lower Risk

Complete outsourcing from blueprinting to rollout on a business outcome-based models ensures lower risks for our clients.

Better Control

With a SLA based implementation methodology clients have better control over the implementation and deliverables.

Focus on your business

The business is minimally impacted, and the clients focused on the business rather than managing the implementation.

Delivery Methodology

Our curated delivery methodology is a 6-step process that takes ensures a successful and functional implementation that meets every expectation.

Project Preparation

Define the project goals, scope and objectives. Identify, on-board and train Team Members.

Business Blueprint

To create a body of work that aligns business requirements to the SAP business model.

Build, Test & Approve

Build and test a complete business and system environment and obtain business approval.

Final Preparation

Prepare system for production release and prepare organization for Go-Live

Go-Live Support

Business owns and executes new business processes and system to business processes.

Run & Maintain

Run implemented SAP solution & maintain the instance to keep on getting the desired results from the implementation.

What it means for the business

Orane seeks to add value to your business through our Implementation Service.

  • Eliminate work: Integrate technology capabilities to eliminate work
  • Do It Differently: Inter & Intra industry best practices and operations automation
  • Do It Better: Process back-boning, benchmarking and technology augmentation
  • Do It Cheaper: Robust and adaptive operating model with high ROI

Case Studies

Jakson Limited: Case Study

Jakson Limited

“Jakson Power Solutions is a diversified group with multiple business interests. Founded in 1947, with a modest beginning, the group has attained a rich engineering heritage of over 65 years. Jakson employs over 1800 professionals and has progressively grown to be an USD 300 million enterprise today”

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