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Unleash the Power of Integration, Extension, and Innovation with SAP BTP.

Elevate your business operations with the unmatched capabilities of SAP Business Technology Platform. Orane’s specialized solutions are meticulously designed to guide you in application development, data management, analytics, and digital transformation, unveiling real-time insights. Harness the power of data-driven decisions and embark on a journey that ensures agility, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Discover what Orane can do for you.

Drive Business Transformation with SAP BTP

SAP BTP is a leading platform that serves as the foundation for intelligent enterprises, enabling integration, extension, and application development. It offers comprehensive tools for database and data management, analytics, application development, and cloud services. SAP BTP emphasizes seamless integration, fosters innovation, and scales seamlessly with your business needs. With continuous enhancements, SAP BTP ensures you’re always equipped with the latest tools for data-driven business transformation. Experience the transformative potential of SAP BTP in converting your business challenges into opportunities for growth.

SAP BTP Services Tailored for Your Business Aspirations

End-to-End Implementation

Seamlessly integrate SAP BTP into your IT ecosystem. From initializing the Cloud Foundry environment, setting up Java and HTML5 applications, to deploying SAP HANA instances and configuring service plans, we ensure a cohesive setup that fully harnesses BTP’s multifaceted capabilities.

Application Development & Extension

Harness the potential of the Extension Suite on BTP. Utilizing SAP Web IDE, we craft applications optimized for SAP Fiori. Our approach includes creating custom business logic, designing intuitive UIs, and ensuring seamless integration with both on-premise and cloud solutions in your SAP landscape.

Seamless Integration

Leverage BTP’s robust integration capabilities. Through SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services, we facilitate data and process integration, ensuring real-time data synchronization, workflow approvals, and a unified digital ecosystem that bridges SAP and non-SAP systems.

Data Management & Analytics

Capitalize on the power of SAP HANA on BTP. We assist in setting up and optimizing your SAP HANA databases, ensuring real-time data processing and analytics. Coupled with SAP Data Intelligence, we provide tools for data orchestration, pipelining, and transformation, turning raw data streams into actionable, insightful business intelligence.

Security & Compliance

Prioritize your organization’s security and regulatory compliance with BTP. We implement robust security measures, from identity and access management to data encryption. Additionally, we guide you through compliance checks, ensuring your applications and data align with industry regulations and standards.

Cloud Services & Migration

Transition to BTP with confidence. Our comprehensive migration strategy ensures optimal use of Cloud Foundry services. We assist in containerization with Kubernetes, and guide you in leveraging BTP’s multi-cloud support, ensuring flexibility and resilience whether you’re on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.