Optimize Performance By Converting To Opex


Orane is your innovative partner in SAP S/4HANA transformation in today’s ever-evolving business landscape, maintaining a competitive edge is a necessity. SAP S/4HANA, the epitome of ERP solutions, introduces a new era with real-time analytics, enriched user experiences, and simplified data management. What sets Orane apart is our innovation-centric approach to SAP transformation. We offer three distinct conversion strategies: Greenfield, Brownfield, and Bluefield, each meticulously tailored to meet your unique requirements. Moreover, our solutions integrate advanced technologies and industry best practices, aligning seamlessly with your organizational objectives. With Orane, your SAP S/4HANA journey is a visionary evolution propelling your business into the future.

Why is Conversion necessary?


End of Maintenance

With the mainstream maintenance for ECC ending, organizations face potential security risks and a lack of critical updates beyond 2027.


Digital Transformation

S/4HANA facilitates digital transformation, offering modern architecture, real-time data processing, and advanced analytics capabilities.


Simplified Data Model

S/4HANA streamlines the data model, reducing redundancy and enhancing data integrity for faster access and efficient reporting.


Improved User Experience

The intuitive Fiori interface enhances user interaction, boosting overall productivity.


End of Maintenance

Real-time capabilities and integrated analytics tools provide deeper insights for data-driven decision-making.


Better Integration

S/4HANA improves system integration, enabling smoother data flow and comprehensive end-to-end processes.


Industry-Specific Solutions

S/4HANA offers industry-specific solutions, ensuring compliance and competitiveness.


Cloud and Hybrid Deployment

It supports various deployment options, making it adaptable to an organization’s IT infrastructure and business needs.


SAP's Strategic Focus

SAP’s innovation is centered on S/4HANA, motivating organizations to migrate for futureproofing and leveraging new features.

These are some of the key points
that make us stand out

Orane helps you achieve a quicker conversion timeline compared to traditional methods.

Take advantage of our flexible implementation packages, including complimentary offerings, as part of our commitment to your success.

Seamlessly modernize your digital core with our "Lift & Shift" approach, which we provide to enhance your business operations.

Orane efficiently eliminates unnecessary custom code with our non-standard code analysis, resulting in a more agile system designed specifically for you.

We identify and resolve known issues while optimizing system downtime through multiple practice conversions, ensuring a smooth transition.

Ensure data accuracy with Orane's pre-configured data validation templates, bridging the gap between your legacy SAP ECC and S/4HANA with our expertise.

Orane helps facilitate a seamless transition to the Fiori user interface for an enhanced user experience, gradually improving your digital interface.

Rest assured of Orane's commitment to providing thorough documentation and rigorous testing processes for your peace of mind.

Conversion Methodologies