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Unlock the Full Potential of Your SAP System with EasySign's Cutting-Edge Digital Signatures

In the digital realm, electronic signatures aren’t just administrative formalities; they symbolize trust, commitment, and global connectivity. For entities utilizing SAP, seamlessly incorporating documents such as Purchase Orders, Sales Invoices, HR paperwork, Delivery Challans, Contracts, Agreements, Vendor Forms, and Customer Feedback forms becomes a necessity. Yet, the true transformative power is unleashed when you bring in streamlined signature processes.

EasySign isn’t just about automation—it’s a portal to unmatched efficiency and fortified security. Our platform empowers businesses to swiftly sign and dispatch a vast array of documents, replacing cumbersome paper trails with agile, digital workflows. More than just speed, EasySign provides a shield of security, ensuring every signature is distinct and protected against unauthorized changes.

Business Outcomes using Orane’s Easy Sign

Meeting the business objectives while ensuring that risks are addressed by the controls which are in place to increase efficiency and reduce monitoring costs. Orane’s SAP GRC Process control can help automate the manual controls and establish governance on the controls in place along with several other benefits as follows:

Saves time by mailing of multiple documents in seconds, at the click of a button

Higher accountability with identification of the signatory, date and time of the sign

Reduces TAT for processing documents

Increases Productivity

Decreases document handling costs

Lowers overhead costs associated with extra heads involved, and breaches of security including forgery, duplication, and compliance-related issues

Eliminates the need for printing, signing, scanning and transporting documents to vendors and customers

Helps resources focus their energies on high-levels tasks

Enhances User Experience

Increases accuracy owing to Reduction in Human Error

Decreases document handling costs

Faster Operations Cycle due to Reduced Delays and Simplified Processes

Orane Differentiators

Quickly deployable

Bulk Digital Signing by streamlining approval workflow

Simple to use

Tamper Resistant

Flexible Approval Workflows

Easily Exportable

User-Friendly Interface

Application Areas

Purchase Orders

Customer Invoices


Form-16/Salary slips

Sales Invoice and Delivery Challans

Quality Inspection Reports

Increment and Promotion letters

Candidate offer and Appointment letters

HR Forms

Success Stories

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