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5 Principles to make every New Hire Successful


Bringing a new employee into the mix is process commonly known as onboarding. The idea behind
onboarding is to make the transition from new hire to team member as efficient and pain free as possible. However, polling shows that some 31% of entry level and intermediate level hires leave their new posts within just six months of starting. The question is: why? The hiring and training process is time intensive and doesn’t come cheap. This means that making a good match for the long haul requires more than just assessments of skill and personality. To ensure a talented new hire sticks around and is truly positioned for success, the onboarding process must be executed with the same care applied during hiring. For a few ideas on how to make the most of the onboarding process, consider the tenets below as you guide your new hire toward long lasting
success within your company.

Reason for Loosing Best People due to Poor Onboarding:

1. Puzzlement in Role:

Lack of onboarding leads to miss clarity in roles and responsibly where new hires will not be able to merge with the system, people, project, integrations, growth parameters and much more.

2. Ambiguous Priority:

It’s really important for new hire to focus on weekly, monthly and quarterly plan of action . If this landscape is unstructured, it can make a difference on the negative side.

3. Unplugged:

There are lots of plug ins for the new hires example Peers, subordinate, superiors, admin,HR , authorities , project understanding.. all where gaps can be seen with poor Onboarding. Lots of questions will be unanswered like Who are the key players, what do they do and how do they work together? What are the expectations of the new hire as part of the team?


How to Speak, when to speak, with whom to speak. What would be the prefer communication channels are the basic questions occur with lack on onboarding and damage the impression.

5. Beyond a day task:

Conversational a new hire through and orientation will not help them feel welcomed and make them ready for work. Onboarding takes time and patience at both the HR’s and the new hire’s end.

5 Ways to make every New Hire a Successful Employee:

1.Treat them as a part of an organization, even before they have joined:

A new hire has accepted to join the organization, they have made a certain level of commitment to themselves and the organization. Although there is uncertainty about whether a candidate will join or not, the best practice is to make every possible way that the candidate should join and be a loyal and everlasting employee. Some simple strategies like getting calls from buddies, emails, connecting on social media wow the candidate. Share the number of mentors and buddies so that chances of communication increases.

2.Get a sense of big picture career plans :

Another reason new hires move on may have nothing to do with you or your office. In fact, many hires in entry level or even intermediate roles have doubts about their long term vision. That’s why it’s important to be upfront from the beginning regarding a candidate’s five year plan and ultimate dream job. Maintain realistic expectations when asking these questions but use it as an opportunity to gage a candidate’s seriousness about the real estate or mortgage industry. Why this line of work over another? Emphasizing industry longevity and career growth during the interview process can save you drama down the road.

3. Niche Training & Micro Learning:

Now when new hires are trained for their specific roles in the organization during onboarding. It’s time for them to get their niche training like marketing professionals will have specific training for content platforms they will use. Microlearning is very useful for the new hire as they can watch engaging videos, contents regarding their role & organization. 44% of employees feel that they don’t get proper training while 61% of companies don’t see any career advancement path for their employees.

4. Mentor & Coaches with the Development plans:

For a new hire it is like a boon to have a mentor or a coach. They can easily ask about their queries, suggestions, problems directly to their Mentors. Moreover, it helps them to get rid of the anxiety and stress of being in a new place alone. The organization should try to wow new hires to give them personalized welcome so that they can be turned out to be long lasting employees. Employee Development Plan are the are action plans, documents lined up for new hire and line manager.


It’s natural to keep the kid gloves on with new hires, but don’t let that stop you from giving them a chance to shine. New team members will feel empowered and motivated if given meaningful projects to focus on. Don’t relegate their daily duties to busy work as they build experience. Instead, task new teammates with something challenging, or that draws on a specific skill you hired them for. You’ll instill confidence, demonstrate your commitment to their growth, and with any luck keep them around for the long haul.


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