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B2B Portal

For Dealer/Distributor Management

Manage end to end distribution for your FMCG Brands, E-commerce and even B2B Sales on a singular dashboard

Know More. Save More. Do More.

Enhance your processes with Dealer & Distributor Management System, Simplify supply chain management and integration on a easy to understand interface.

Integrate the power of technology

Orane’s expertise in various industries in DMS implementation like FMCG and e-commerce allows us to deliver superior customer experience by integrating Sales Force Application to enhance, improve and reduce costs of distribution across geographies in India.

As a growing firm, you need to be able to see all of your business data from your distribution networks in real time. DMS can let you know what’s going on even in the most remote locations, improve production planning, and even provide real-time view of all corporate data. Orane equips its client with a dashboard across hierarchy that allows a bird’s eye view over the entire distribution, stock movement and requirements in your business. Ranging from FMCG distribution, Orane’s expertise allows integration of Field Assist and other sales force automation tools to be seamlessly integrated with ERP across distributors, stockists and retailers globally

Major Challenges

Lack of control and visibility of fulfilment and Secondary Orders

Absence of Secondary Sales data at management end

Lack of inventory management

Loss of sales due to delay in delivery, delay in communication, missing records etc.

Manual data punching leading to paperwork and wasted manhours

Non-alignment between Target and Actual Sales

Lack of real time and actionable market data

Misappropriation of Schemes and Promotions

Manual Claims Management

Inflation of Period end and Sales Return

No effective insights from unstructured data

Malpractice done by Distributors

Our Solutions: Re-imagine Sales and Distribution

API Solutions and integration various SFA tools with Orane


API Solutions and integration various SFA tools with Orane


SAP enabled DMS for complete supply chain orders


Integrate Tally/Busy, SAP/ERP into a single platform


View consolidated view of all schemes, sales data and stock


Create Purchase invoices, Dealer Master and Customer list


Track Replacements, Item Master, Discounts and price slabs

Key Modules

Online Ordering and Billing

Real-time inventory management

Online Payment

Schemes and Promotions

Real-time inventory management

Online Payment

Procurement/Purchase Automation

Procurement or purchase from a vendor can create massive problems for an organization.
These include loss of traceability, increased operational costs, lack of inventory management
and no records, and simultaneous increase of human resource required to manage growing business.

Here is how B2B Portal automates procurement for your organization. Track purchases across your organization
and report financial data with certainty. Purchase orders can be created and managed with ease.

Inbound and Outbound Process

Manage materials, freight and transportation with B2B Portal with tracking available through uniquely assigned QR code.

Inventory Management

Keep a thorough record of your inventory and manage goods on the FIFO (first-in first-out) model to maintain uniformity.

Financial Management

Generate financial reports based on Purchase Orders that are managed with ease. Accurate reporting with integrations to ERP.


Seamless integration of your organization’s structure allows us to scale operations and move goods and POs just like they would move in your organization.

Distribution Automation

An organization’s network of dealers, wholesalers and retailers and pipeline of primary, secondary and tertiary sales can have huge bearing on its revenue. Targeting the right channel can lead to better sales as well as better service to the customers.

B2B Portal tracks all goods and commodities right from their origin and allows corporate users to control the flow of master data and transactional information from the Corporate ERP to the downstream supply chain.

Increased Corporate Governance

Exert greater control over your distributor networks to gain control of supply-chain in your organization.

Payment Tracking

A flexible system topology enables B2B Portal to track all payments using the QR code generated in the system.

Master Management

Create & maintain master data, integrate with ERP systems, maintain product & pricing catalogues for reporting purposes.

Analytics & Reporting

Generate reports on the basis of sales, inventory, purchase order, price and taxes to gain insight and make better business decisions.

DMS Analytics and Insights

Purchase Orders

Customer Invoices


Form-16/Salary slips

Sales Invoice and Delivery Challans

Benefits to the business

B2B Portal gives you the cutting edge you need to succeed in organizing and controlling supply chain in your organization.
We enable you to manage thousands of vendors and not lose sight of a single product

Decrease Operational Costs

Streamline your procurement and purchase process to decrease manual entries, tedious drafting of purchase orders, and reducing all errors in entries.

Better Visibility

Better visibility in primary, secondary and tertiary sales enables organizations to plan their production as well marketing aligned to customer needs.

Scalable and Fast

Our system allows clients to scale operations to any number of vendors and distributors. Fast deployment time and solution can be scaled across various verticals.

Scalable and Fast

Manage entire operations through a centralized system. Organizations no longer need resources for managing logistics, freight and transportation departments.