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Wholesale Distribution

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The wholesale distribution industry is undergoing a profound transformation, with a significant shift toward customer-specific solutions. These solutions encompass value-added services, secure logistics, project-based collaboration, and efficient business processes. Staying competitive requires addressing global trends such as changing buyer behavior and supply chain disruptions while ensuring supply chain integrity.

Orane offers innovative solutions to help wholesale distributors thrive in this changing landscape. We empower distributors to differentiate themselves by providing new services and business models that boost revenue and customer loyalty. Our intelligent technologies and data-driven insights enhance efficiency and responsiveness, securing distributors’ positions in the market and supporting their journey towards a sustainable future.

Trends reshaping the Wholesale Distribution Landscape


Embracing New Revenue Streams:

Responding to disruptive market entrants, distributors explore value-added services like light manufacturing, kitting, and product consulting.


Customer Evolution:

Meeting customer demands for personalization, distributors expand product ranges, accelerate deliveries, and diversify delivery options.


Comprehensive Solutions

Distributors are expected to collaborate and offer comprehensive solutions, meeting specific business requirements.


Supply Chain Resilience

Adapting to global dynamics, distributors adopt intelligent supply chain capabilities and optimize processes for efficiency.

How we can help?

Supply Chain Expertise

Demand Forecasting and Planning
Responsive Supply Chain Operations
Sustainable Practices and Insights
Inventory Management Strategies
Environmental Impact Assessment

Procurement Solutions

Cost Reduction Strategies
Streamlined Buying Processes
Efficient Payment Handling
Indirect Procurement Expertise
Data-Driven Procurement Insights

Seamless Execution

Order Management and Tracking
Logistics Optimization
Warehouse Efficiency Enhancements
Yard Logistics Expertise
Reliable Transportation Management

Marketing & Sales Mastery

Personalized Customer Experiences
Omnichannel Sales Management
Customer Incentive Program Design
Data-Driven Marketing Strategies
Efficient Quote-to-Cash Processes

All-Inclusive Services

Efficient Service Procurement and Delivery
Field Service Optimization
Omnichannel Customer Support Solutions
Subscription Management Expertise
Enhanced Customer Experience Enhancement