Consumer Packaged Goods

Optimizing consumer choices to maximize the experience.

Maximize Consumer Engagement and Foster Strong Brand Loyalty

The consumer products industry is undergoing a rapid transformation driven by innovation, talent, changing values, and cost dynamics. It’s shifting from the traditional “moments of truth” approach to seizing “moments of opportunity” throughout the consumer journey, prioritizing personalized experiences, and embracing broader ecosystems. This transformation necessitates a fundamental rethinking of business strategies and operations to remain competitive in a dynamic market.

Orane specializes in tailoring solutions to deeply understand and engage consumers at every touchpoint, enabling highly personalized experiences that precisely align with consumer objectives. We offer comprehensive guidance to companies in restructuring and strategizing for enhanced adaptability within this dynamic landscape, ensuring they lead in the new consumer products era.

Trends reshaping the CPG Landscape


Moment-Centric Engagement

The CPG industry targets “moments of opportunity” instead of linear purchase paths, optimizing consumer touchpoints for maximum impact.


Personalized Outcomes

Leading firms prioritize tailored experiences linked to consumer needs, enhancing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.


Outcome-Driven Focus

Companies shift from products to emphasizing the outcomes they enable, such as health and well-being, forging stronger emotional connections with consumers.


Ecosystem Collaboration

Collaboration within larger ecosystems ensures speed and customer satisfaction, allowing companies to respond swiftly to changing consumer demands and market dynamics.

How we can help?

Innovative Product Development

Collaborative design to expedite product launches
Dynamic development and recipe adaptation
Innovation driven by consumer feedback
Elevated product safety and adherence
Environmental impact assessment for sustainability

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Industry 4.0-enabled intelligent manufacturing
Comprehensive supply chain visibility
Mitigation of environmental, health, and safety risks
Proactive asset analytics and maintenance
Resource-efficient and sustainable production

Streamlined CPG Supply Chain

Holistic supply chain integration
Intelligent warehouse and logistics management
Collaborative supplier and logistics networks
Complete transparency and traceability
Enhanced sustainability and eco-conscious practices

Consumer-Centric Marketing & Sales

360-degree insights and real-time analytics
Omnichannel commerce and personalization
Micro-segmentation for tailored journeys
Efficient marketing and cost control
Value-added services and subscription billing

SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository) Integration

Real-time customer data consolidation
Enhanced customer insights and personalization
Optimized pricing and promotions
Improved demand forecasting
Enhanced inventory management billing

Omnichannel Experience Enhancement

Seamless shopping across channels
Unified customer profiles and purchase history
Enhanced customer service and support
Inventory visibility across channels
Efficient order fulfillment and returns management

Success Stories

Food Cost and Store Profitability Analytics