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Reshaping the retail landscape

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Learn from Retail Innovation Experts

The retail industry is evolving rapidly with consumers holding greater power through easy access to information. Retailers must innovate across their value chain, from planning to in-store experiences, necessitating agile operating models and intelligent technology integration.

Orane is your strategic ally in this transformation. With modular cloud services and open integration, we empower retailers to thrive in the digital economy. Our solutions help retailers embrace innovation, becoming intelligent enterprises ready to seize future opportunities in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

Trends reshaping the Retail Landscape


Elevated consumer expectations

Today’s consumers demand utmost convenience, service excellence, and seamless experiences, setting new loyalty standards.


Disruptive market newcomers

Innovative digital-first competitors and fresh business models are reshaping retail, urging traditional retailers to adapt.


Purpose-driven retail

Next-gen consumers seek brands aligned with their values, emphasizing a brand’s purpose alongside its digital presence for trust and engagement.


Sustainability Mandate

Retail faces emissions scrutiny but also wields the power to enforce eco-friendly practices across the supply chain, seeing environmental and social governance as avenues for efficiency.

How we can help?

Retail Marketing & Customer Engagement:

Holistic customer insights
Real-Time shopper analytics
Tailored omnichannel experiences
Performance Tracking for Marketing
Versatile Pickup, Delivery, and Returns options

Retail Product Management

Centralized data governance
Precise Retail Sales and Demand Forecasting
Smart Merchandise Planning and Assortment
Efficient Merchandise Management
Omnichannel Pricing

Enhance Retail Supplier Management

Strategic Supplier Collaboration and Contract
Mitigating Supplier-Related Risks
Data-Driven Procurement Analytics
Efficient Merchandise and Indirect Purchase
Intelligent Invoice Management

Optimize Retail Supply Chain Operations

Streamline Integrated Supply Chain
Efficiently Manage Inventory
Seamlessly Fulfill Omnichannel Orders
Logistics & Warehouse Management
Efficient Shipment Tracking

Omnichannel Retail & Store Efficiency

Instant Customer and Inventory Insights
Automated Store Operations
Cutting-edge Smart Store Technologies
Advanced Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions
E-commerce Integration