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Let’s Understand SAP’s Business Technology Platform


The rise of technologies such as the cloud and the push towards digital transformation has led to phenomenal growth in the volume and variety of data for enterprises to capitalize. There has also been a subsequent push towards the rise of the Intelligent Enterprise, an enterprise that has data as its foundational core. Since it is now established that data drives unrivaled competitiveness, enterprises are constantly looking for ways to improve their data proficiency to capably mitigate all the challenges dictated by today’s economy.

The capacity to improve responsiveness to change has become more critical now since enterprises have to pivot fast to react to market changes and customer expectations. The pace of business has accelerated becoming hectic enough to pressure organizations to identify new ways to remain and drive profitability. Since digital transformation has spread across industries and the rise of digital supply chains and digital communications, organizations have no option but to increase their responsiveness to change… either that or lose relevance.

SAP has been helping enterprises adapt to change for decades. SAP’s Business Technology Platform is yet another SAP offering that promises to help enterprises drive up competitiveness by helping them adapt better to instant changes in today’s marketplace. It helps organizations become data-driven intelligent enterprises and helps them increase strategic focus rather than remain focused on technical details.

Why do we need SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)?

Most organizations, especially large ones, may have business processes and technologies adopted over years, but they are no longer relevant to meet today’s business environment demands. These processes and technologies need to become more nimble and agile and assist enterprises to develop technological dexterity to keep pace with today’s frantic business pace.

SAP Business Technology Platform provides the foundation organizations need to drive change and adaptability by transforming the most valuable asset, data, into business value.

SAP Business Technology Platform is all about business centricity and is aimed to:

– Refine and enhance business operations along the entire value chain using integrations to connect applications, data, and business processes
across SAP and third-party solutions including hyper-scale technology

– Enable data to value leveraging actionable insights and driving automation across enterprise data and processes

– Provide extensibility and ecosystem access using rapid configuration, plug-and-play extensions, and business content from partners

-Improve development speed and agility using intuitive tooling and interfaces that create an engaging developer and user experience

What is included in the Business Technology Platform (BTP)?

SAP’s BTP consists of solutions falling under four integrated technology pillars: database and data management, analytics, application development and integration, and intelligent technologies.


The Business Technology Platform ensures that enterprises get real-time insights through machine learning, AI, business intelligence and augmented analytics to analyze past and present situations and simulate future scenarios. With this solution, enterprises can use business intelligence to empower the workforce and provide them with the right data analytics tools to make decision-making more informed, agile, and prompt.

The analytics solution makes it easier for organizations to streamline processes, turn insights into action, visualize decisions, and embed BI and predictive planning into the organizational DNA.

Database and Data Management

The Data and database management capabilities in the SAP Business Technology Platform helps organizations manage the growing volumes of data efficiently and effectively. With this offering, enterprises can leverage data-driven decisions using solutions that manage, govern, and integrate enterprise data to feed analytics.

The capabilities provided by SAP BTP ensure that enterprises can run data anywhere, connect and understand data appropriately, reduce data redundancy, and govern master data capably.

It also provides a centralized and trusted view of their data and can capably connect, manage, and process distributed data assets across the enterprise. Further, this platform helps them manage information while balancing cost, risk, and compliance by automating data archiving and retention.

Intelligent Technologies

Enterprises can ignite innovation in their business by employing intelligent technologies powering the SAP Business Technology Platform. It allows enterprises to use a combination of intelligent technologies, services, and industry expertise to transform into an Intelligent Enterprise.

Technologies such as AI and IoT in the SAP Business Technology Platform assist the enterprise goal of end-to-end innovation. It allows enterprises to instantly analyze data from across the organization and powers it up with actionable insights to address business challenges quickly and create new opportunities.

These technologies also give enterprises the capability to optimize the business with embedded intelligence and help them extend processes using guided outcomes and discover innovation opportunities.

The SAP Business Technology Platform also keeps the enterprise technology portfolio more current. It helps enterprises keep pace with evolving technologies and build next-gen applications while providing access to a range of microservices, open APIs, and the latest technologies.

Application Development and Integration

The SAP Business Technology Platform gives enterprises the capability to quickly adapt to fluctuating business conditions and rapidly evolving customer demands. It simplifies application development and helps enterprises connect and enhance applications, automate business processes, and drive personalized experiences. This solution also assists in improving developer productivity leveraging unified experiences and helps organizations deliver apps faster through ready-to-go services and business content. The solution is further relevant in today’s business environment since it supports on-premises, cloud, and hybrid landscapes.

The application integration capabilities allow enterprises to connect applications and data from SAP and third-party sources. It also provides event-driven integration patterns and assists enterprises react to business events in real-time.

In Conclusion

What sets SAPs Business Technology Platform apart from other technical solutions is its business centricity.

It offers a portfolio of integrated solutions and provides a suite of technologies that span the spectrum of data capture, storage, management, and insights, application integration, and extension, and allows enterprises to pick and choose the solution needed to solve a problem. Its open architecture is another draw as it offers a choice of infrastructures and approaches on how technologies are implemented.

Many organizations are looking at the SAP Business Technology Platform since they are already using many of the technologies that make up SAP’s Business Technology Platform such as SAP HANA or SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions.

Using the Business Technology Platform enterprises can get more value out of their investment in SAP technologies and solve more complex problems that inevitably emerge when businesses are looking at new and lucrative opportunities.

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