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Everything you need to know about SAP Analytics Cloud


In the present-day climate, industry-leading businesses seem to have one thing in common – their priorities comprise leveraging the right tools to make strategic decisions, enhance operational efficiencies, and gain a competitive edge. Data analytics has become an indispensable component to discover actionable business insights to thrive in this competitive and data-driven environment. Business success demands comprehensive analytics, business intelligence, planning, and forecasting to encourage strategic, operational, and calculative decisions. Enabling businesses to act confidently now needs contextual insights in real-time. 

SAP Analytics Cloud has revolutionized the way businesses plan their strategies. It is a robust, agile analytics platform that facilitates businesses to land at faster and enhanced business decisions. Moreover, it delivers insights that can be leveraged for improved decision-making and optimize resources across all processes.

What is SAP Analytics Cloud, and What does it Do?

SAP Analytics Cloud is one of the top-notch SaaS solutions that syndicates all the functionalities like planning, forecasting, business intelligence, and more in a single user interface. 

SAP Analytics Cloud delivers insights on gathered history, present situation, and futuristic trends to all decision-makers, disclosing the next steps toward adding optimal business value. It unites business intelligence systems with collaborative enterprise planning and allows businesses to leverage the power of predictive tools and machine learning technologies. Businesses no longer need to depend on stand-alone reporting spreadsheets or independent planning tools. 

With SAP Analytics Cloud, stakeholders can make complete, contextual, and confident decisions- regardless of their core function. It empowers businesses to quickly multiply their agility and its power to begin the competitive innovation that makes the way to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

Let us explore four things you must know about SAP Analytics Cloud:

Helps Reveal Strategic Insights with Augmented Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud’s machine learning technology enables businesses to automatically obtain strategic insights and convert those insights into valuable actions within a fraction of seconds. Augmented analytics allows enterprises to discover data, cycles, and trends automatically, and recognize possible ways to effectively chalk-out their expenses and cost plans. It primarily helps to avoid agenda-driven decision-making by presenting the factual story of what drives the business. These strategic insights can be translated into an actionable plan leveraging a personal sandbox environment that helps visualize performance metrics and simulate potential budget outcomes.

Facilitates Integrated Enterprise Planning in One Solution

Enterprise planning involves setting business goals and then working on meeting those goals. Enterprise planning is carried out by different lines of business and departments across a company. Finance, sales, human resources, project management, and other stakeholders offer essential functions to the company, and each of them “plan” within the scope of their function. These discrete operational plans cannot be established in a silo. 

Businesses require more than just spreadsheets to facilitate organizational planning and analysis. Manual processes or siloed tools like spreadsheets present a myriad of challenges for users like: 

  • Excessive Manual Work – Leading to lower productivity and bottlenecks in decision making
  • Merging Predictions – Combining data is a challenge if different users are forecasting in different versions 
  • Collaboration – How do stakeholders self-organize to work on individual parts of the predictions?
  • Decentralization – Lack of a single source of truth across the business

The interconnectivity between plans/departments across the enterprise is critical to ensuring overall enterprise alignment. 

SAP Analytics Cloud fosters this collaboration and creates alignment across departments. Leveraging an end-to-end cloud-based solution like SAP Analytics Cloud empowers businesses to experience collaborative enterprise planning at its best. The planning and analytics abilities of SAP are also integrated into the SAP/4HANA cloud. These innovative data actions and pre-built content for enterprise planning and analysis empowers stakeholders to coordinate and execute multi-step planning processes within a singular system without the hassle of moving from disparate tools or getting lost in numerous spreadsheets.

Facilitates Integrated Enterprise Planning in One Solution

SAP Analytics Cloud enables businesses to plan and build the right model for efficient data storage. SAP Analytics Cloud’s machine learning and smart wrangling technology allow companies to automate the data preparation process with automated error alerts – empowering them to take instant action and begin planning. Data modeling tools help businesses prepare data for analysis and improve the data with custom transformations, location coordinates for geo analysis, and multi-level hierarchies to obtain accurate insights. 

SAP Analytics Cloud’s Business intelligence comprises of two components:

  • Models 
  • Stories

Models allow businesses to improve their data by cleansing, wrangling, forming hierarchies, defining dimensions, and adding formulae. Stories, on the other hand, helps businesses to visualize data and obtain actionable insights.

Simplifying The Sourced Data

SAP Analytics Cloud effortlessly integrates with data and planning solutions to streamline and simplify the data analytics landscape. It enables businesses to collect data from multiple sources, visually analyze every piece of information, and get the full picture while making informed decisions. 

Enabling to Access the Content Ecosystem

SAP Analytics Cloud provides businesses with business content packages as a beginning point for their analytics scenarios. The Analytics Content Network comprises a free, business content library that offers beautifully crafted interactive dashboards, stories, and data models of several end-to-end business scenarios for particular lines of business. Customized to function with existing SAP data sources like SAP S/4HANA or SAP C/4HANA, the Analytics Content Network facilitates businesses to go-live, build on best practices, and leverage their current data.

Preparing for the future with SAP Analytics Cloud

Today, to thrive in the cut-throat business landscape, businesses need to predict changes well ahead of time. SAP Analytics Cloud helps to foresee and plan for the impact of any crisis on a business. How a business acts in challenging situations establishes its strength and potential to recover. Furthermore, the SAP Analytics Cloud facilitates businesses toward growing into an intelligent enterprise. Its advantage lies in providing a single stop service for business users to predict and plan on a single platform with a unified user experience. Businesses can learn, analyze, plan, forecast, and collaborate to make comprehensive, relative, and confident business decisions. Users can leverage all data, semantics, and business logic independently to convert previously hidden business insights into well-advised actions that improve business outcomes. Need help in implementing SAP Analytics Cloud for your business? Let’s connect. Our SAP experts will help you define the right strategy for your business needs and implement the same.

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