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What You Need to Know About SAP’s Latest Process Insights Solution


As the market leader in enterprise business software for over three decades, SAP is no stranger to innovation and disruption. With SAP’s new Process Insights Solution being added to its Business Process Intelligence (BPI) portfolio, the company has set the tone for:

Empowering C-level executives and business heads with immediate data insights (in less than 24 hours, as claimed)
Helping take the usual operations from reactive to proactive

To deliver this next-generation solution, SAP relies on the combined capabilities of SAP’s Intelligent Robotic Process Automation and Signavio’s Process Transformation technology. This architecture enables enterprises of all sizes and industries to leverage data for efficient monitoring/assessment and optimizing business processes.

What’s powerful about SAP’s latest Process Insights solution is that it offers real-time visibility into an enterprise’s processes, helping manage signs of inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and even fraud. With this information, a business can intervene in the process and help reduce costs while improving overall efficiency for both internal and external entities involved.

To that end, let’s take a detailed look at what SAP Process Insights solution means for businesses.

Capabilities – The Case for Business Process Transformation

SAP’s latest process insights solution addresses and empowers three major areas including:

1. Business process monitoring and assessment:

With real-time data insights, businesses can monitor their processes more efficiently with actionable information, subsequently offering them the ability to assess business transactions seamlessly.

2. Data visualization:

Businesses can easily generate visual representations and compare them with 300+ key performance indicators (KPIs) to gain an overview of the state of their processes. For example, KPIs such as delivery time and waiting time can be monitored to keep an eye on profitability for various sales channels and product lines.

3. Business process optimization:

When companies are able to improve their processes, they have the means to ensure their operations run smoothly with less downtime and optimized costs. With real-time data insights, enterprises can achieve these goals while optimizing their processes for maximum throughput.

A Combination of SAP’s and Signavio’s Strengths

SAP’s Process Insights solution is based on its Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) and Process Transformation (PT) solutions. Both these technologies are already very successful in their own right, and their integration enables enterprises to benefit from the best of both worlds.

On the IRPA front, SAP is very well known for leveraging intelligent automation to streamline business processes. This is made possible by leveraging technologies, such as machine learning algorithms and providing companies with a scalable and cost-effective solution. For instance, if the company is running low on inventory, the system can automatically place an order with the supplier and flag it as a priority.

As for SAP acquired Signavio’s PT solution, it facilitates process visualization, which allows end-users to collaborate and perform process mapping and analysis. From focusing on the customer journeys to promoting process automation, business process transformation by Signavio works in favor of serving Customer Excellence (CEX).

A Unique and Feature-Laden Technology

SAP’s latest Process Insights solution offers a bundle of useful features such as

1. Process Flows for Swift Understanding:

The solution produces immediate/up-to-date process insights, thus, making it easier to identify process blockers across disparate channels and even across different domains (manufacturing, quality control, finances, etc.).

2. 300-plus Recommendations:

A system of advanced analytics and associated recommendations ensures that one knows what to do at a glance, how to best leverage the capabilities of SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Fiori, and discern the best practices to go about using the robotic process automation to the best effect.

3. Management Improvements:

In areas like production, sales, and distribution, the system provides intuitive and actionable insights that can be implemented rapidly, thanks to hourly updates around performance insights. As a result, the time for strategizing is reduced from months to days and even hours.

4. Automation for Better Outcomes:

By accurately identifying the most critical processes, those that have an effect on revenues and costs, it’s possible to automate them and ensure improvements. This helps companies improve productivity and reduce costs without compromising on quality. As such, SAP Process Insights powers the solution with 100+ corrective actions targeted at master data fixes.

Direct Advantages for Your Business

The direct business benefits can be realized through –

1. Seamless Collaboration:

Leaders can collaborate via the Process Insights platform and provide real-time feedback from all departments, improving the effectiveness of their processes. This can help them create a more efficient work environment and ultimately drive greater value for customers.

2. Instant Insights Generation:

The system is capable of delivering insights in real-time, courtesy of robotic automation, and provide details, including the information around factors that influence the business performance.

3. Root-Cause Analysis:

In cases where process flows are not in sync with business requirements, they can be updated to ensure that the processes run smoothly thanks to the ability to drive real-time exploration of issues.

In a Nutshell

When it comes to Process Insights, SAP and Signavio have combined forces to power the technological enterprise. Through intelligent automation and comprehensive data insights, SAP’s latest offering can help businesses determine their processes, pinpoint problems across several domains, and generate immediately actionable insights.

Given the extensive range of benefits associated with the use of SAP Process Insights, there’s no doubt about this solution’s ability to drive Customer Excellence and enable better decision-making. This can subsequently enhance the overall productivity across business units and drive greater return on investment (ROI).

Wish to learn more about how Process Insights can benefit your business? Feel free to contact us.

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