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Why FMCG Companies Love Working with Orane


SAP and associated services can bring great value to any company – including those who deal with FMCGs. If anything, these services can help streamline and upgrade their existing services. 


Over the past decade, we have helped hundreds of companies realize true business value and impact with SAP. The year 2020 was different – we were all working remotely and were at the mercy of COVID-19. But that did not stop us from growing and thriving. Many of our customers chose to partner with us and we completed some extremely complex implementations. In fact, many of our clients choose us over some big industry names. 


How we were able to ride the tide and emerge better than ever was because of a few key aspects of our company. It’s because of these qualities of ours, we can convert the industry’s best practices into being our norm. Here are some of the reasons that allowed us to grow despite the challenging times.

Small and Agile

Yes, we are small as compared to many industry giants. But that’s our real advantage. We are accountable and transparent in our corporate structure – and our clients appreciate that. It is also easier for us to be agile and nimble. We communicate openly with our clients, understand their needs, and implement their requirements successfully – without any delays that often occur because of rigid processes or multiple approvals.

Deep domain expertise in FMCG

We have extensive experience in this domain. For more than a decade, we’ve been working with various clients in different countries. We’ve accumulated a vast store of knowledge about the FMCG domain. We deeply understand the challenges faced by FMCGs. After working with several clients across this vertical, we’ve studied their infrastructures and understood the advantages and disadvantages of every setup. Our ROI-based model ensures returns that are both timely and sustainable. 

A sharp focus on SAP technologies

With our sharp focus on SAP implementation and integration, we have developed deep expertise in this area. Our SAP experts exactly understand what is possible, what is not possible with SAP, and how much time would be required for any customization or integration – after all, we have done it many times! 

With our SAP expertise, we have also developed a series of products that we know are useful for FMCG companies. These include:

  • Dealer Management System: This end-to-end product manages your supply-chain from procurement to distribution stage.
  • Distribution Management (Supplier): It helps you manage distribution and track goods through system-generated material codes to never lose track of a single commodity.
  • Purchase Order Management: Through automation of purchase orders and consequent payment, this product helps you reduce the cost and time required for quick and sustainable business.
  • Inventory Management: It helps you manage your inventory with FIFO-based inventory management automation.
  • Channel Management: Using this solution, you can manage the different channels to track your supply-chain and get the maximum revenue out of it.
  • Sales Order Management: Automate the generation of a purchase order and affiliated network management to maintain accurate records and eliminate paperwork.

Tailored solutions based on the specific needs of the customers

Putting our customers first is inbuilt into the DNA of Orane. It’s mentioned in our mission statement itself, that we’re dedicated to making every customer’s business a best-run business. We want to mold them into the best fit for their industry. We do this by paying attention to every minute detail and being empathetic. After all, if our clients thrive, so do we. We believe in building long-term partnerships. This is what pushes us to meet our KRAs and KPIs relentlessly. We focus more on progress rather than profit.

We also have highly developed audit capabilities, offer personalized solutions, and offer excellent post-implementation support. We empower organizations to set benchmarks for business processes. These create an ease-of-business that doesn’t compare to any other company. We ensure our services are flexible, customer-centric, and we don’t skimp on follow-up procedures.

Understanding of systems and business process within organizations

Due to our expertise, we’re able to integrate SAP to create seamless workflows and help organizations maximize their productivity. Studying different organizations and technology over the years has made us experts in identifying major and minor problems. We then equip companies with the exact solutions they require to eradicate these problems and optimize their processes.

Tangible business impact

Finally, we’re able to show our customers exactly how they benefit from our services and expertise. We have an entire arsenal of case studies to demonstrate exactly how we’ve benefited numerous FMCG companies. We’ve provided solutions that include food cost and store profitability analytics, auditing services, and so much more.

Small businesses, like ours, can use agility to their advantage. This helps us in creating an unforgettable impact on our customer’s business. Our work is valuable and sought-after even though we aren’t a large-scale company. In our experience, we’ve seen that FMCG companies, in particular, care more about results than anything else. This is what we have capitalized on. We are proud to have built a satisfied network of clientele over the past few years – one that keeps growing and flourishing. 

A big thank you to all our clients for their trust in us and a big shout out to the Orane team of experts for delivering on their promise!


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