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MyJoining Blog | 5 Deadly Sins of Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is crucial for your employee’s productivity and retention. Learn about the mistakes made by organizations in onboarding their employees in our latest Blog: 5 Deadly Sins of Employee Onboarding.

Are you sure that your organization is not making any fatal mistakes in their employee on-boarding? Some facts may shock you but yes it’s true. 31% of the new hires quit their jobs in the first six months. You all need to focus that, though employee Onboarding is a tedious task to do. Organizations invest a lot of money in employee on-boarding but still they make some deadly sins, so they lose talented and quality of candidates. 31% of new hires quitting the job, may seem like a small number but the impact is substantial. There are many areas where the employers should focus, which would help them to retain the candidates for a longer period of time. Organizations with a standard on-boarding process experience 50% greater new hire retention. There are various reasons which would make it clear that’s why employers are not able to maximize employee on-boarding.


Candidates dropping the offer letter is the major issue faced by employers. And I’m sure many of them would agree with me. When the candidates are not clear about their roles and responsibility, they don’t feel confident to join the organization. So they switch to other best option available. Giving clarity of their role would help them to get productive from the very first day of joining. Organizations with a standard on-boarding process experience 50% greater new-hire productivity.


Employers should keep the candidates engage in various tasks and if they are valued in the organization before the date of joining. They feel that they are getting valued. 54% of companies with on-boarding programs reported higher employee engagement.


60% of the companies indicated that they do not set any milestones or concrete goals for new hires to attain. So, in turn, it takes many new hires a whole year to start working at their full potential. An employee having no goal leads to confusion among employees and a lack of care in their performance. It harms the work productivity of new hires.


Employers ignore and do not focus to take feedback from the candidates. Employee feedback could be a valuable asset for employers as it helps to build an employer branding for the organization. A candidate driven market and dynamic changes in the candidate behavior has led to an increase of Employer Branding as a discipline within HR fraternity.


New employees, who attended a well-structured on-boarding orientation program, were 69 % more likely to remain at a company up to three years. Losing an employee due to their experiences of being confused, feeling alienated, or lacking confidence is a sign of poor onboard programming.

The entire above mentioned are the basic deadly sins. The list of sins in employee on-boarding is too long. To provide great experience to the new hires it is necessary to have a systematic structured and automated on-boarding programme. Avoiding such deadly sins would be in favour of employers and even beneficial for the organization.


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