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GST POster2
August 07, 2020

Comprehensive Guide on GST Reconciliation

What is GST Reconciliation? The procedure of reconciliation and matching of GST returns is not new for taxpayers as it was prevalent in the previous VAT and excise regime. Before, the matching of data was done between the books of accounts and tax returns which was an easy task. In case of any discrepancy, th...

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Guide to remote onboarding-min
August 06, 2020

Guide to Remote Onboarding

Remote Onboarding being the need for an hour becomes the "New Normal" for every organization and HR. Learn how you can easily integrate new employees in your organization virtually and make them a productive resource of your team....

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Purple and White Modern New Hire Onboarding Company Presentation-min
July 24, 2020

7 Steps for an Amazing First Week when Hiring Remotely

Introduction – Research and practical knowledge show that employees consider the first week in an organization as one of the major factors in being culturally assimilated in their workplace. The faster new hire feels integrated and prepared for their new jobs, the faster they can start contributin...

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rpa poster-min
July 15, 2020

How to Automate and Streamline Invoice Processing

What is Invoice Automation? Invoice Automation is a core process where the automation software scans the invoice and then converts that into an image or text-searchable documents. The different range on an invoice also can be defined into the software, in order that it remembers that from...

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