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Aviation & Airlines

Airline industry refers to companies that offer air transport services to paying customers.

Creating new horizons through innovation and advancement

To help the airline reach its maximum potential in today’s day and age, the firm needs to overcome the challenges it faces with regards to its processes including passenger management, transactions, booking systems, cost management, airport rollouts. It becomes important to recognize the value of software for improving efficiency and accuracy. From revenue management software helping to optimize financial results, through to marketing, distribution and reputation management solutions, these packages can make a significant difference to overall business results.

With large clients in the airline industry ranging from India’s largest passenger airline to the best African airline and having worked on multi-million-dollar projects for the companies, Orane understands the industry and has an in-depth knowledge of functional and non-functional processes that exist. We at Orane specialize in Airport Rollouts, Operations Management, Consumer and Business Analytics, Travel Booking Management, AMS and Customer Experience Management.

Areas of Transformation

Streamline customer bookings for individual offerings for each customer are made up of ready-made action models. This includes information about nearby hotels, car rental, car sharing, and public transportation options, insurance, guide support and information about business events that may be of interest to travellers to provide best customer experience

With the use of our aviation solutions, airlines can better manage their costs. Fleet management, passenger management and asset management solutions can monitor all active distribution channels (offline and online) in real time and create packaged offers.


  • Our solution’s back office integrates with accounting, CRM, and loyalty systems. An order history including discounts, coupons, special offers, etc. Customized loyalty system analytics systems.


Pain Point


Airline infrastructure and fuel efficiency


Dynamic and unpredictable landscape


Requirement-Availability Ratio of Quality Workforce or Equipment


Technological advancements in the sector to ensure profitability


Deriving Insights from erratic behaviours of consumers


Passenger comfort and global congestion

What We Do


Travel & Expense Management Tool

End to end automation of travel bookings, approvals and reimbursements to streamline the process


Passenger Management

Streamline complicated and multifaceted processes that require coordination between multiple departments of the organization into a single error-free process


Consumer & Business Analytics On S/4 HANA

Schedule automated reports on a real time basis to plan operations on flights and airport management. Gain a better understanding of consumers to build salience for your brand as well as reduce costs through optimized decision making


Centralized Booking System

Manage booking in various locations, portals, currencies and provide an enhanced Customer Experience


Application Management System

Manage human resources, procurement and operations based on historical data, real time reports and existing best practices.


Enterprise Automation

With intelligent operations, you can release trapped value. Intelligent operating models can increase corporate agility and drive business growth


Audit and BPRE

Evaluate existing modules and process-centric optimizations based on prioritization framework for process selection to discard irrelevant processes and initiate profitable and sustainable practices