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Best Practicing While Choosing Best AMS Partner


As the demand for SAP applications is growing, so does the complexity grows itself. In order to achieve operational and strategic objectives, solutions must include superior expertise in technical, dependable support, good knowledge management, and measurable cost efficiencies of the whole system.

Many companies currently invest a lot of money to establish enterprise software solutions, but often leave the real value of these solutions untouched. The decisions and their timing to choose an enterprise application is going to be supported have a profound impact on application total cost of ownership (TCO), risk, end-user satisfaction, and solution agility. At an equivalent time, this results in a continuous rise in maintenance and support costs.

Best Practices to Choose a better AMS Support Partner

1. Managed SAP Service/Support
• Dedicated Consulting Team at customer’s (on-site) locations
• Unique Delivery Framework
• Delivery Assurance through Process Excellence
• Extended service window through contractual

2. On-Demand Support

• Services through a shared pool of remote resources
• Weekly Reporting
• Flexible service window
• Capped efforts and engagement duration

3. Staffing Solutions

• Support consultants delivered to meet peak workloads
• Specialized consultant with experience in support and end
to end implementations
• Client has complete control over the support services


Orane ‘s Application Management Services is designed to help organizations optimize cost, integrate information
technology infrastructures and facilitate business process adaptation to unlock hidden value. Our innovative hybrid
delivery model leveraging a flexible support model and global delivery capability enables a dynamic transformation of your otherwise fixed cost to variable
cost in line with your actual needs.

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