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Digital Signature within SAP – A new era of signing your docs digitally


What is HR Analytics?

As we know the today’s era of technologies. In the traditional way, a document or a contract gets signed by hand. For this, the digitally produced document must be printed out, signed, scanned, and saved. Consequently, acquiring the signature interrupts the digital process. Requiring additional effort, time, and thus money. For this reason, the digital signature is steadily gaining significance. It is the only way of accelerating the business process and simplifying storage.

A signature solution combined with a contract or document management software is used to digitally sign documents under the Digital Signature Act.

Have a look into the advantages of using digital signature; adapting digital signatures over paper and ink signatures comes with many advantages.

  1. Don’t waste time sending your contracts in the mail. Sending documents digitally is faster and more cost-efficient.

2. All the documents are easily available on the cloud without any physical paper presence. Since your documents are saved within the cloud, you and your clients can access and sign documents anytime. Your clients can sign and return documents during a few clicks.

3. Digitally sign documents in bulk for convenience. Invoices, GST invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, and other business documents, can all enjoy complete end-to-end automation.

4. Maximum security

5. Global acceptance and legal compliance

6. Long-term retention and access

7. Independent verification

8. Saves time

9. Simplifies storage

10. No expensive hardware required

11. Lowers operating costs (especially postal charges, paper and printing costs)

12. Fully developed within SAP

What is a digital signature certificate is required?

A digital signature certificate is a secure encrypted key issued by a licensed Certifying Authority to optimize the business process by streamlining data integrity, optimal efficiency, and digital continuity.

End-user benefits include:

Ease of digital signatures usher in 40% improvement in operational efficiency with no lag in authorizing digital documents between departments and individuals. This step towards digital transformation reduces up to 70% document creation with 80% saved paper cost.

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