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Simplify your Enterprise Application Management Process


In today’s, digital era and competitive world, every industry is focusing on making work easy, fast, and digital. The enterprises have already one or another ERP implemented into their organization to streamline their internal and external processes. Implementing or opting for any ERP system is the first step in maintaining a seamless process but every digital technology also produces maintenance, enhancements, and much more so an organization needs to have a stable process for sap either it can be internal which is complicated or tie-up with external or outsource the maintenance process for smooth flow. The outsourcing maintenance process helps an organization understand the process and its workflow. The expertise helps you to understand the usage, flow, advantages, and other useful things regarding the digital framework.
The service includes an understanding of the process, methodology to maintain, improve, and manage critical environments, integration, testing, and control of everything that comes under the process of ERP say SAP landscape. It helps us to take control of the SAP environment and start working as per enterprise processes and needs. But the challenge is to find the right partner who can help you to move towards an accessible next-generation enterprise application or managed service framework with expertise and domain knowledge.

Here are some of the facts to consider while choosing your AMS partner:

• Stellar services pre-and post-implementation:
The goal should be to be continuous support that can be 24*7 even onshore or offshore.

• User-friendly interface and dashboards:
The interface should be simple and user-friendly. It should be easily accessible and understood.

• Innovative and domain expert:
Innovation is the next step in digital transformation, if you are managing the process, you should be innovative enough to understand and upskill the process.

• Flexible with on-demand and shared services: The working model should be flexible you can take along your partner in every need and service required.

Key advantages of opting for Application Managed Services:

Even with the best implemented ERP like SAP, Oracle, or say any system will have some challenges while operating in the day-to-day operation process but what is important is how quickly and timely the issue is resolved and the solution is opting for external professionals’ support. Let us see how it can be an advantage:

* Cost-Effective Process: Yes, if you outsource your Process, it is cost-saving, and you can see a drastic fall in your operation cost. It reduces the total cost of ownership as you outsource the complete process you are signed to a particular amount but if compared internally you need a different professional for a different issue which not only increases your cost but also creates pressure on the IT department.

* Reduce Risk: Since you have outsourced the entire process there is a separate team looking over the process and entitled to any bug, damage, or updates. It reduces the risk as they are entitled to that work and are professionals and the internal team can look over the process and can guide it better.

* Stability & Consistency:
Not matter what is your current process and changes required your AMS vendor will support and guide you in every changing business environment that provides stability and consistency to your framework since they have understood your ERP landscape very well.

* Flexible and stellar support:
Flexibility always help in upscaling or enhancing the process so it is an advantage since your AMS partner has complete business or tech landscape knowledge of yours, they can adjust the framework according to requirement and provides robust support 24*7, onshore-offshore anywhere.


Orane’s Application Management Services for SAP provides a complete range of services that can help you to reframe or adjust your processes. Our functional and technical expertise along with a flexible working model help you to evaluate the ROI out of the process. With over a decade of experience in SAP and digital transformation, we have worked with numerous enterprises throughout various industries and learned and expertise on their landscape.

To know more about Orane services regarding SAP implementation, Digital Signature, HR Onboarding, or Managed Services, consult us today

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