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Everything you need to Know about SAP Business Technology Platform


SAP Business Technology platform is a platform for intelligent enterprise. When an organization is evolving and growing in terms of operations, finance, and digitally for a digital future they are looking for flexibility and independence which generally people don’t find efficiently in SAP main products like but SAP BTP is one such product that is flexible and provides independence to companies to integrate, conversion of data to value and extensibility for SAP and third-party application and data asset. The progressive growth towards digital transformation and in order to stay ahead has led organizations to engage in the digital system which created a handful of data to capitalize. The capacity to respond to change has become more critical now. Since digital transformation has spread across industries and the rise of digital supply chains, e-commerce, etc organizations have been left with no option either to respond and accept the change or not lose the race.

SAP is helping enterprises from decade to adopt the technology change and stay ahead, and SAP BTP is yet another offering of SAP that helps businesses to adapt to changes happening in the market directly and strategically plans out how to drive profit from it. SAP BTP supports your business journey till it becomes a successful enterprise. It helps you to lay the foundation of integration in the digital landscape. You can deploy SAP BTP in any cloud environment and set free the flexibility, agility, and speed. SAP BTP helps them to innovate and become their own choice of enterprise.

Need for SAP Business Technology platform:

The major need of SAP business technology is agility, speed, and Integrity. There is a large pool of organizations that already have ERPs or work digitally but with passing time and changing environment the old digital process or landscape is fading since it is not able to meet today’s need of challenging digital landscape which demands strategic business growth and development.

SAP business technology platform offers the simplest digital landscape that offers digital change and helps to adapt to the changing business environment by providing decisions based on analytics and strategy.
SAP business Technology provides aim to drive changes in the current environment and provide major changes like plugin and plugging out of various integration change, complicated application, utilizing data, and improving user experience and interface.

4 Pillars of SAP Business Technology platform:

1. Data and Database Management: Organizations always have lots and lots of data but they lack behind to use it efficiently or in other words they are not able to utilize their years-old data to generate funds. SAP Business Technology platform helps organizations to store and manage their growing data effectively and efficiently. With the help of this offering given by SAP, users can manage their data, and based on this efficient data-driven approach organizations can make strategies and make profitable decisions out of it. The offerings help users to maintain, collect and analyze their data anytime anywhere.

2. SAP Analytics Cloud: SAP Business technology platform ensures that enterprises get embedded analytics and can always get real-time insights into data through business intelligence, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning. SAP BTP provides augmented analytics to every user that analyzes past situations and present situations to provide you stimulate future conditions through which decisions can be made. The analytics features enable the organization to seamline their processes, strategic decisions, and helps in planning and forecasting

3. Application Development and Integrations: Depending on changing market businesses keep involved but to stay in for the long run business needs to revamp and keep modifying themselves from time to time to stay updated and ahead. With SAP BTP you can build, enhance, and extend the digital landscape of your business without affecting core operations through integrations. The application integrations allow businesses to integrate with third-party vendors to enhance the experience and provide ready-to-go business service and content. The solution is relevant in today’s business environment since it supports on-premises, on the cloud, and hybrid culture.

4. Intelligent Technologies: The basic use of this pillar or feature is to enhance the business processes. It uses the latest technologies like RPA, Machine learning, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and many more things to ensure companies run a smoother and seamline process. These features enable organizations to drive towards innovation and utilize the undiscovered processes. This feature helps organizations to pace up with changing market demands and business needs.


The Single reason that set SAP business Technology platforms apart from SAP’s other offerings is Centricity. It provides a portfolio that offers each and everything that any organization needs to make better decisions, analyze situations, to predict the forecasting requirements. Many organizations are looking for SAP BTP since they are already using many other offerings like BI, HANA, etc so integrating their flow or infrastructure becomes more seamless.

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