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Expert way of Onboarding Blue-Collared Employees Digitally


What is HR Analytics?

Blue-collar is a term most often describing workers that are not working at a desk in a traditional office setting. By opposition to white-collar workers (mainly working in offices), blue-collar jobs entail largely manual labor. A blue-collar worker may be an employee in a manufacturing or processing facility or a warehouse worker in logistics. Physical work such as farming, landscaping, construction, and waste removal are also part of this industry. Though often blue-collar workers are confused with unskilled laborers, they are in fact some of the most skilled manual workers, including certified electricians and plumbers.

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is the cumulative process of assimilating the new hire into the organization. Onboarding is equally important for blue-collared employees to understand their organization’s value, mission, and vision so that they also stay with the organization for a longer period of time. The blue-collared onboarding process is a bit different from that of white-collared employees. For Blue-collared people, a major focus of HR is to digitize the whole documentation process and to make them aware of their organization, duties, and responsibilities. And all these tasks are easily bound up digitally for HR to onboard.

Some of the major challenges that come while Onboarding a Blue-collared employee:

– Paper-based process
– Store and maintain the employee documents in a filing cabinet
– Maintaining checklists, guides, forms, and a firm eye on the calendar
– Collection of employee signature/thumb impression on each document manually
– Spending lots of time on administrative tasks
– The expensive and complicated process

Advantages in adopting Digital Process for Blue Collared employees:

1. Digital Documentation process: By adopting a digital process HR can easily save a lot of time and cost in hiring blue-collared people. Since nowadays e-commerce industry has boomed a lot which has given a lot of employment too and thus moving manual processes to digital processes is quite necessary and easy.

2. Low administrative cost: Since the process will be digital, organizations can save a lot of administrative costs majorly in paperwork, etc. Since every worker has a new file assigned and maintains them, it also takes a lot of manual effort to move one step ahead can centralize the whole process.

3. Easy to update: Hosted in the cloud, digital instructions can be updated seamlessly whenever needed across the entire organization, without having to recall handbooks or painfully ensure that everyone has moved over to the latest version.

4. Affordable: While writing a manual handbook is a long, costly process requiring external help, coming up with a digital onboarding process can be managed internally, involving employees that are directly conducting these tasks, by using software

How to use E-Learning or MicroLearning module for Blue-Collared employees?

Since most of the people falling under a category of blue-collared are having basic education so we can initiate videos or recordings in local language and can utilize this technique even to make them aware regarding the organization and its purpose since language is considered to be a big barrier between peoples so we can use it as a strength over here. The organization can also include some of the animated videos for the same to make them feel connected and engaged.


A Good and customizable onboarding program can definitely help an organization in balancing the blue collared hiring process too. It is just a way to find the right provider and how they build up the very important program. MyJoining has the capabilities and has onboarded new hires in both categories for some of the major enterprise organizations.

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