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The New World of Digital Signature

The New World of Digital Signature


In every workflow, the last hurdle to be cleared before reaching the finish line is getting a signature on the dotted line. Put an end to those delays and issues with effortless Digital Signature. You can quickly capture the secure, compliant, and legally binding digital signatures you need, to keep business moving. Now you can easily secure your business need with the digital signature.

Today’s generation of IT departments wants to automate most processes and systems, but until today despite the company’s best efforts – the most important transactions end on paper. A large percentage of small and mid-caps companies still rely on time-consuming devices such as scanners, printers, and fax machines to get that last bit of paperwork signed off.

The same trend holds true for processing tax documents, bank documentation, and other important documents. What are the challenges you face due to the lengthy deal closure process caused by the manual process involved?

1. Poor and inaccurate visibility into the documents and their status.

2. Lack of document security & Compliance

Difference between Digital Signature and E-Signature!

An electronic signature is a signature typed into an email or a signature that has been handwritten and scanned. The term refers to a web signature attached to a record and adopted by a person with the intent to sign it.

The differences between digital signatures and electronic signatures can often be confusing. An electronic signature is a large term for a broad grouping that also includes digital signatures. An electronic signature, or “e-signature,” is a term that applies not only to the distinct digital signature format but to other sorts of electronic means of signing and signature authentication, as well.

How to maintain compliance and security while speeding up your document approval process?

With Digital Signature for SAP, you can sign documents swiftly and securely from within your SAP platform to:

1. Automate Digital Signing

2. Use ABAP based solution for automated digital signatures within SAP

3.  Respond to multiple keys, USB identification tokens to place your digital signature on PDF documents

Benefits of Digital Signature within SAP

Digital signature leads the organization with the following value additions within SAP:

  1. Added security
  2. A high standard
  3. Global acceptance and legal compliance
  4. Long-term retention and access
  5. Independent verification
  6. Send documents for signature with a single-click process
  7. Track the progress of deals within SAP
  8. More visibility into the process, i.e. Tracking and status management
  9. Get all the documents (PDF) back to SAP
  10. Remove paper-based manual work and enter the Cloud
  11. Delight your customers with the ease of signing documents anywhere, anytime.

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