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What you need to know about RISE with SAP


RISE with SAP was one of SAP’s biggest announcements in recent years. This intelligent, comprehensive, and customer-specific business transformation-as-a-service offering promises to reduce the TCO and help businesses accelerate innovation. RISE with SAP promises to be yet another feather in the SAP cap and aims to uphold the organization’s commitment towards helping organizations and enterprises run better.

The need to RISE with SAP:

The key objective behind developing RISE offering was to address the present needs of the customers.

Customer problems and issues have decidedly changed since 2013. Back then, the customers mostly were trying to navigate infrastructure problems. Today, that problem has expanded its footprint and needs to account for people, processes, and technology.

If you look at this from a vantage point of existing SAP customers, for example, it becomes clear that while customers wanted to move to S/4HANA, the number of consultants to enable the same is low, the upgrade process is different for different customers, and there is no existing automation stack.

Add to that the complexity of adding Hyperscalers to drive the move to the cloud, system integrators driving business processes, consulting, and optimizations and it becomes clear to see why SAP launched Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC) in 2013.

However, to improve digital resilience, interconnect data, business systems, and value chain relationships, drive sustained growth, reduce financial waste, and drive rapid delivery of meaningful outcomes to customers, partners and businesses, enterprises needed one solution bundle, without the upfront costs.

And that is why we find ourselves talking about RISE with SAP.

What does RISE with SAP do?

RISE with SAP is not a new product like SAP HANA was when it was launched. It is instead, a bundling of existing SAP assets that enables business transformation-as-a-service and helps organizations forge ahead on their digital and business transformation initiatives.

RISE promises to take guesswork and piecemeal license purchases out of enterprise planning and helps accelerate cloud adoption. Revolving around six key business areas, RISE with SAP provides access to tools, solutions, and services in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Suite, System Hosting Options, SAP Business Network Starter Pack, SAP BTP Consumption Credits, Business Process Intelligence, Embedded Tools and Services.

While RISE with SAP is aimed primarily to help enterprises move on-premises S/4HANA workloads into SAP’s cloud, it also extends to customers running S/4HANA in other clouds or to those with heavily customized S/4HANA applications. RISE with SAP will take over some ECC systems, SAP’s older ERP platform.

This flexible bundle of SAP’s cloud services delivered via a subscription licensing model doesn’t need any upfront costs. It cuts the TCO by up to 20% while helping customers at all stages of digital transformation and provides a new way to redesign processes to drive better business outcomes. This becomes a crucial talking point as it is becoming increasingly clear that those organizations that can adapt business processes fast are the ones who will thrive.

RISE with SAP is all about this – helping customers unlock new ways of running their businesses in the cloud to gain a major competitive advantage.
Today SAP customers are invested in buying new technologies. They also want to apply AI in their business. But the customers almost inevitably struggle with connecting the technology with the business. This is the problem that RISE with SAP solves.

With this offering enterprises can:
– Modernize, simplify, and standardize business processes and eliminate the need for customizations from their S/4HANA cores, and moving them out to the Business Technology Platform

– Leverage business process intelligence using Process Discovery tools to transform their business processes

– Gain end-to-end insights into process performance using process analytics

– Access preparational, analytical, and enabling tools and services to facilitate a seamless transition from existing ERP environments

– Monitor real-time service usage to better understand project costs, choose how to spend cloud credits, and only get charged for what is used with
consumption credits for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

– Extend business transformation from beyond the four walls of the business and create thriving and dynamic digital connections with trading
partners employing the SAP Business Network starter pack

– Leverage the benefit of cloud economics and industry best practices and LoBs, achieve faster time-to-value with modern cloud ERP and accelerate
the shift towards the evolved enterprise using SAP S/HANA Cloud

– Conveniently select deployment options for SAP-hosted or take a Hyperscalers approach to enjoy IaaS benefits like that of high performance and
reliability at scale and build organizational resilience

RISE with SAP also simplifies business processes without having to compromise on technology choices, especially as organizations get on the warpath to increase their digital resilience in the face of change and disruption.

Enterprises now need to become more agile and responsive and develop their capacity to support new capabilities and business models, and RISE helps us achieve that. Most importantly, RISE makes it easier for organizations to get back on the path to move to SAP S/4 HANA, something that had been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Connect with us to see how we can make your SAP journey smoother and make the most out of the SAP landscape.

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