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In today’s competitive world, enterprises are focused on innovating, transforming, and surviving in the digitally transformed world. By implementing and choosing SAP as a part of digital transformation one part is solved for the organization but the missing part of the application is to maintain the application and enable the organization to reap its benefits for a longer period. Also, today with the change in business every application demands changes and alternations to it to avail its benefits.
Today Information Technology landscape is very costly and complex than ever and the cost to maintain it becomes heavy, but our aim should be to reduce complexity and simplify IT services in an easy manner. The organization should end the succumb to the common misconception that implementation of services is enough, but the benefits are stated in support and managing the journey

The benefit of Application Management system:

1. Lower the value of TCO – Time to value in the core good AMS offering since the work is shifted to digital space or rather the process is outsourced so the organization can free up the people or can utilize them in a better way. Secondly when the process is handled by experts, so the work done is done efficiently saving them time and money. Resource optimization is an important aspect of this journey.

2. Agility and innovation – the key to digital transformation: ‘Innovation’ serves as an important factor whenever opting for transformation, hence it’s best to choose a partner while keeping characteristics such as reliability and flexibility under consideration.

3. Tailored services as per need of organization:
As a part of businesses and IT are volatile your AMS Partner adapts to meet the demand of the customer. Being see you in long term they will guide you the best support and work needed, also helps in saving time and cost.

Why Orane SAP Application Management system:

1. Strong Implementation and focus oriented: We research how the system was implemented in your organization and then after a brief discovery methodology we create a services approach based on your resources and industry best practices.

2. A decade of experience in SAP Core and ERP Module: Since after implementation the on side of the work is done but the second side which is to look over maintenance and process is still left and should be outsourced only who have domain and industry knowledge and a wide experience so that with the expertise your process can be simplified.

3. Latest framework for managed services: The Orane AMS framework showcase visibility across the platform. Each process and work is designed keeping in mind the business standards and KPI’s. Technology is growing rapidly and so our processes, and everything is designed keeping in mind the latest technologies, resources optimization, business objectives, and goals.

Models for AMS Support:

– Staff Augmentation Model: Our consultant-designed action plan that can effectively support your business objectives and goals. We also integrated other important areas of our proven consultancy work, including technology, consultancy, and change management process. Based on our expertise we tailored and implement IT solutions that can provide you maximum ROI.

– Managed services model:
Managing the mixed core of internal teams on the fly poses a challenge to manpower as well as project deliverables. Realizing these challenges we guide and help enterprises to move outcome-based applications managed services model. These models help to reduce complexity and risk in managing the application portfolio and free up enterprise support to meet a critical aspect of businesses.

– SAP Shared and Hybrid Services Model: Eliminate your pain point of SAP management with the shared services model which reduces TCO of SAP while increasing quality. A shared services model that combines overlapping business processes and cooperates functions. We always incorporate our best practices depending upon industry and business models.

About Orane:
Since its inception in 2009, We emerged as a vibrant information technology service and solution provider across the globe. We believe in transforming ideas into experience through cutting-edge technology expertise and business domain knowledge. The company offers solutions and services that span the range of Reporting & Analysis, Enterprise Application, and User Experience.
With a team of 500+ consultants, our services include SAP implementation, SAP support and enhancements, industry-specific solutions, and application development and maintenance. Our rigorous methodology ensures that every one of our 80+ clients is satisfied and is reaping the benefits of partnering with us. Orane is building world-class complaint management and onboarding solution.

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