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Digital Signature refers to an electronic way of signing the documents, it is a valid form of signing as it is configured through encryption of data. It is the easiest way of bulk signing your documents. It is a kind of signature that follows all legal obligations and is approved to sign on digital documents. It is 100% safe and reliable since it allows you to verify the sender with codes and imprints. It is a kind of virtual framework that helps you in signing. Digital Signature uses the approval method to authenticate employees and helps you to have a secure and easy signing process. PGP or KPI techniques help the signature to original and temper less. Using this technique, you can always check the authorization of the sender and receiver and again make it safer for use.
If you already have an ERP system in your enterprise so maximizing the profit out of it is the foremost task and identifying digital signature is already one task achieved. Documents like credit and debit notes, HR documents, Sales invoices, and challans can be easily signed or bulk signed with the help of a digital signature. With the power of a digital signature or automated signing process, you can increase the efficiency of tasks and productivity of your employees.

Importance of Digital Signature:

Technology is grooving upon our daily life and day-to-day task making our life simpler and easy. Daily people in factories, warehouses, or corporates sign hundreds of copies manually making their work slow and dependent but with the help of a digital signature that is also integrated with your, ERP can make your process easy and time effective and also without any issue of dependency or threat. It is also observed at the enterprise level that each copy of document says challan, PO needs to have a minimum of 4 copies to handover different hence we can observe the amount of manual work involved in the process, similarly, by adopting the Digital signature this process is completely executed and done in half a time required or even less than that. Nowadays it’s the trend to be a smart worker rather than a hard worker, you should be an efficient worker.

Business outcomes of using Digital Signature (EasySign) within SAP:

1. Cost Efficient:
Yes, you read it right. Although Digital Signature has numerous benefits and saves you a lot of administrative costs, it is a cost-efficient product as compared to the benefits it is providing. It is a one-time implementation process, and you might feel costly at that time but in long run, it saves a lot of costs in terms of administrative costs, and delivery costs. The utilization of a digital signature helps you to go green as a one-step closer process. Data is also encrypted so you can archive or restore it later.

2. Data Security: Data security is one of the most worrying things for any organization and everyone wants to be fully secured since it is crucial. But the digital signature is fully secure and safe as they are based on data integrity. They are safe and secure and that is the reason many organizations are shifting to a digital signature. Things like duplication of document or signature, the authenticity of the signature, and temper documents are some of the concerns that everyone has but these all concerns are not true as the whole process of digital signature is based on data encryption and documents are time-stamped so incase if anybody has breached the document it is easily identifiable. Approvals along with passwords are also there within the system so it is fully proofed and secured.

3. Time-Saving: Digital signing as compared to manual signing saves lots of time and effort. The image you are a signing authority of an enterprise or say CFO so there are a lot of signs you need to make on various documents say challan (3 copies each), but if you have a digital signature, you just need to place a signature once and can print or make multiple copies. The employees seem to be more productive and engaged as they can save time and work on other things too.


EasySign is a Digital Signature framework within SAP developed by Orane which has helped many enterprises in streamlining their signing process. In EasySign we use adobe forms which are interactive and acceptable within SAP. EasySign can help you to automate your processes like challans, sale invoices, purchase orders, credit notes, debit notes, and much more. EasySign is also applicable in organization-specific forms where the automation can happen and be stored on-premises and in an SAP environment. Our unique technology capabilities clubbed with domain understanding have enabled us to provide excellent value-driven solutions to customers across verticals. We’re authentic in our actions and approach, we have a passion for innovation, and we know that smart insights lead to better outcomes.

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