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To and Fro of Dealer Management System


The dealer Management system is the software that enables companies to have visibility or overlook their dealers or movement of their goods from suppliers to dealers’ wholesalers and consumers finally. The FMCG sector is changing dynamically and COVID -19 has laid a significant impact on the FMCG sector. Modern Technologies are adding personalization and connection in sales and organizations are slowly understanding the need for a system that can integrate they’re each step under one roof to provide the best experience to different users. Organizations at all levels like FMCG, retail, utilities, etc are realizing the need for progressive technologies, to sum up, their systems and connect at all levels of business.

What you can opt to have a digital journey in your organization:

– A dealer Management system can give you a scenic view of your business insights at a high-level perspective which helps you to make decisions based on a data-driven approach as it helps you to seek areas where you are leaking profits or are neutrals.

– Distribution Management is foremost needed to organize and synchronize your process under one roof. Digitalization helps organizations track every component and ensure a smooth supply chain by eliminating stockouts and overstocks.

– The Digital Dealer Management System allows capturing real-time data directly from distributors and analysis of the trends based on the market and their products. It helps in increasing productivity and helps in fast decision-making.

– Dealer or Distribution Management system not only allows you to segregate profits, but loss helps the company to eliminate loss that occurs in warehouses may be due to spillage or expiry date issue or maybe raw material shortage as per orders, etc.

In today’s era all the sectors especially FMCG have understood the need for digitalization to maintain a sustainable position in a market where needs and demands can be fulfilled, and brand position can be assured.

Top ways in which Distribution or Dealer Management system can help:

1. Improve visibility – An advanced dealer management system ensures end-to-end visibility in the process. For example, right from ordering to the warehouse to consumption, etc, each step is visible to every user assigned. By digitizing at every point and by tracking the product at each point, the Manager knows in which region the product requirement is more and it also helps in tracking the visibility of profit, loss and even helps in analysis.

2. Eliminate administrative delays: The distribution channel requires a lot of paperwork and back froth in process of transferring data and checking/ mapping the objects. Earlier and even now many organizations whose processes are not automated are required to pass made to order the shipment of goods to every channel of distribution. But by bringing digital technologies onboard paperwork has been eliminated and all the shipment documents, tax papers, compliances documents have been seamline under one digitized process. It also helps in tracking fraud and avoiding mishandling of objects.

3. Integration: Since FMCG or the utility sector is so vast integration with another tool may require at any point in the system. Choosing the dealer management system which has endless capabilities of integration is always the suitable option. When the organization is vast and using ERP’s which is essential defiantly requires a process or system that is fully integrated and simultaneously separated with every department so that manual intervention is avoided and process flow can be seamless.

4. Predictive analytics: The dealer Management system helps you gain real-time analytics into the system. When you are opting for advanced analytics or business intelligence tools decision-making becomes easy. Senior-level management directly takes decisions based on a data-driven approach. Through graphical dashboard and interactive reports that are always available within the system allow stakeholders to make decisions based on market changes etc.


No matter you are a growing or emerging firm you need to see all your data under one roof to stabilize your decision-making as per the market trends etc. Through DMS you can easily see anytime what is going on in your company, even you can see remote areas too anytime anywhere and exactly this is the need for technology to automate your manual process. Orane Dealer or Distribution Management system gives companies the cutting edge of success by organizing and controlling their supply chain which includes hundreds of vendors, warehouses, transportation all under one roof. This is the type of solution that every organization needs to compete in today’s digital competitive era.

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