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White Papers

You probably know what we do, Take a look at why we do it

Orane’s series of White Paper publications helps you gain insight into the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘what next’ in the world of business consisting of various domains including Information Technology, Human Resource, Finance and Business Operations.

New Hire Onboarding Checklist for HR Managers

Learn about the best practices and checklist that can help HR Managers onboard new hires virtually and effectively….

Your Guide in Building strong Virtual Onboarding Program

Download our latest guide to know how you can build a strong virtual onboarding program for your new hire which includes digitised documents to employee engagement and much more…

Different types of SAP Analytics and their advantages

Learn how you can utilize the power of analytics in your ERP for making real-time decisions….

7 Onboarding Trends for 2021

Learn about best practices that can be helpful in 2021 for best of class Digital Onboarding…

SAP Predictive Analytics: Future of Big Data

Learn how you can use predictive analytics in making your decisions smarter and better….

5 Tips to Culturally Assimilate New Hires Remotely

Learn how you can culturally assimilate your new hires into your organization while hiring remotely….

Migrate to SAP S/4 HANA for a Better Future

Learn how you can migrate to SAP S/4 HANA and see how it can be useful for your organization and Industry….

4 E’s of Successful Employee Onboarding Program

Learn how 4 E’s can help HR to create the best Onboarding program for their new Hires….

Why Digital Signatures are mandatory for Modern Businesses?

Learn how Digital Signature can help your business to grow faster and even makes your work easily while working virtually…

How to Ensure New Hire Productivity while working virtually

New hire onboarding and productivity have been major concerns for HR during virtual Hiring. But by strategic use of onboarding, both things can be done easily even by tracking each and every activity….

10 Steps Guide to a Good Offboarding Program

Exit Management or employee offboarding is a process to manage the full and final settlement of employees when they exit from an organization. Learn how you can make a good offboarding program for your employees….

Orane’s Best Practices guide to: Application Management Services

Learn about business benefits of SAP Application management Services….

Supply Chain Automation in 2021 – In-Depth Guide

Learn how you can automate your organization Supply chain process to make it super easy and seamless….

5 Ways to improve Employee Experience during Onboarding

Learn how you can improve Employee Experience during onboarding and make every new hire productive from day1…

Business Benefits of Digital Signature over E-Signature within SAP

Learn how you can avail the opportunity of Digital Signature within your SAP framework for smooth process….

3 Stages of successful Employee Onboarding Program

Learn about best 3 stages in Digital HR Onboarding program…

5 Unmistakable Benefits of Digital Onboarding

Learn about 5 precious benefits of HR onboarding that can help them to retain best of talent and make new hires productive from day1….

Digital Signature Automation within SAP

Learn how you can opt for signing multiple documents in few seconds within SAP…

Virtual Onboarding: 5 Keys to Success

Learn how you can uplift your Digital and virtual Onboarding program to guarantee new hire success…

Enable Digitalization with SAP Ariba

Learn how you can enable digitalization within SAP Ariba and also benefitted with seamless integration to SAP S/4 HANA…

Reinvent ERP: Business Benefits of SAP S4 HANA

Learn how you can make better decision making in your organization with SAP S4 HANA….