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White Papers

You probably know what we do, Take a look at why we do it

Orane’s series of White Paper publications helps you gain insight into the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘what next’ in the world of business consisting of various domains including Information Technology, Human Resource, Finance and Business Operations.

Best Practices in Digitizing e-invoicing Process

Gain insights on how you can digitize your organization’s e-invoicing process to maintain a steady flow of the process….

Guide to Remote Onboarding

Remote Onboarding being the need for an hour becomes the “New Normal” for every organization and HR. Learn how you can easily integrate new employees in your organization virtually and make them a productive resource of your team….

3 Moments of Truth in Candidate Journey

3 Moments of truth indicate the touchpoint when candidates either fall in love with your organization or can turn & leave or when he can prove to be a loyal employee….

Experience driven Onboading during Virtual Hiring

Today’s digital era has brought about great changes in the culture of organizations, and it’s especially visible in the way employees carry out their professional tasks. Learn how you can implement experience-driven onboarding in your organization….

Comprehensive Guide to Tax Automation

Tax Automation must be considered as trend among tax administration to regulate and increasingly continuous monitor business transaction for VAT enforcement using electronic method….

Reinvent Onboarding: Beyond 2020

A strong onboarding should be an ongoing experience that can improve the new employee’s satisfaction and long-term commitment level. Lets reinvent onboarding!…

Comprehensive Guide on Master Data Management

Companies are looking to the quality of their master data as the next best way to optimize their business processes. Unified and accurate data allows for better business processes, integration, timely decision making and streamline execution of programs….

New Gen Transport Management

In this white paper you will learn about how your transport management system can help you in route planning and optimization in cost effective manner….

Strengthen Cash Flow: Best Practices

In this white paper, learn the reasons behind why organizations are not able to build a sturdy cash flow and the best practices which can lead to success….

Best Practices in Exit Management

Saying goodbyes in the right manner is just as important as saying hello. Download our white paper to learn about best practices in offboarding for seamless exit management….

Best Practices: Application Management Services

Realize Your Organization’s full potential by learning about the latest inventions in AMS and learn how you can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership while increasing efficiency by up to 50%….

KPI Success Using Analytics

Comprehensive Guide to KPI success for various industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, BFSI, Food & Beverage, and many more. Know what makes your business tick!…

Procurement with P2P Automation

Learn about the Procure-to-Pay process and its associated best practices and business benefits. White paper covers automation that can be introduced right from order management to cash collection….

6 Effective ways to improve employee experience

Trendy employee experience can be one of the major aspects of onboarding that helps new hires achieve milestones in corporate. However, employers and HR Community…

Why Even Google Should Invest on Employer Branding

Google is ranked no. 1 as the best employer brand in the world. You must be thinking- “I am not Google, so how is my organization going to build a good and strong employer brand…