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10 Reasons why you should opt for migrating to SAP Cloud ERP

We live in an era where everything is growing at a very fast pace and it’s strenuous for any business organization to be in competition with others if you are still following the traditional ways in the SAP domain. It becomes cumbersome and being rigid can compromise your ability to scale your enterprise when required. You might face a lot of other hindrances in traditional SAP ERP methodologies like device dependency, location dependency and high downtime.

For overcoming these problems, the option to migrate to SAP Cloud has been introduced. SAP cloud migration can provide huge tangible and intangible benefits to an enterprise or to an SME. It allows for businesses to cope with the pace of the digital economy. The best part is that any business organization can migrate to the SAP Cloud at any point but before migrating you should perform an objective analysis on the list of reasons why you should migrate to SAP Cloud. We have done the hard work for you! We took a deep dive to take out the potential benefits for your business, that will help you decide if migrating to the cloud is a viable option for you.

Here are the 10 reasons, why you should migrate to SAP Cloud.


As per with the growth of your business, you can scale your existing the SAP Cloud model with ease and within less time. It bolsters up changing requirements of the business, organization expansion and operational requirements. IT has low downtime, means the time required for scaling or introducing new operation is less.


The performance of the SAP Cloud is 3x times faster than on-premise because the Cloud uses latest tools and techniques like in-memory analysis to enhance their performance which is not possible on-premise based SAP ERP. This is because these tools are expensive or any SMEs even large enterprise does invest that much on it. Since this is not their actual business, they always put their time and money on searching the different modus operandi for growing their business.


SAP Cloud gives freedom of accessing the information from different locations and even in mobile devices, so that means it provides devices independency as well. It broke the boundaries and helps the business person to get access in the information and take any beneficiary step at any given point


One of the most important features of SAP Cloud is security. As buying so many licenses to protect the become hectic and costly, it is better to opt for the option of SAP Cloud in which the robust security measures are already taken and latest security trends are kept in mind.


With fast-moving aeon, it is important to move with it. Every now and then, we see the need certain update into our software and software should be updated for its performance. If we talk about the on-premise SAP, you’ll need to update your SAP manually which increase the downtime and you need to wait for a long period but SAP Cloud ERP software upgrades automatically and the downtime also is also much lower.


For on-premise SAP implementation, you need to have a clear idea about the models and operations you going to perform on it. In any case, whenever new requirements come up, the whole infrastructure needs to be revamped. But in SAP Cloud ERP, you can add or delete any model any time with fast implementation.


We all know future is unpredictable. So, it is extremely likely that you can lose your data through natural disaster or system failure if you don’t have any back-up point. So, you cannot recover your valuable information and the eventual data-recollecting process becomes manual. The SAP Cloud ERP comes up with the auto-backup recovery in case of any unforeseen circumstance. You can recover it from a certain point instead of suffering from total loss of data.


Instead of licensing the whole system, the SAP Cloud prefer contract-based on subscription and the pay-per-use principle. Flexibility feature also reduces the cost of operation as you pay as per your usage and requirement.


With more collaboration and increase in the employee number, the documentation becomes complicated because it needs to be sent through the emails with attachment. It creates a mess with the content of documents. When we move with the SAP Cloud solution, all documents are stored centrally so everyone can see one version of the truth. Increased visibility improves collaboration and fosters a healthier work environment. So what are you waiting for? Try something streamlined and leave your old ways.


Last but not the least, ROI is one the most important benefits of SAP Cloud. Cost reduction and high ROI improvement are what drive decisions in the IT landscape. There are a lot of factors which contribute to it. The flexibility, which converts the fixed cost to variable cost so you need to pay as per your requirement. This also provides room for outsourcing cloud maintenance to a vendor which further reduces the cost of IT operation.

Directly or indirectly, we all are using the Cloud whether through mailing or online shopping. And if we talk about the statistics – 87% of UK based companies are already moved to the Cloud and 96% of companies in the USA are using Cloud computing – and they are growing at faster pace.

But my question to you is, will you be the next one to propel your business to the next level via the medium of the SAP Cloud.

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